Third container ship aground off Tauranga

In an unprecedented trilogy of maritime accidents in the Bay of Plenty, a third Flag of Convenience container vessel has run aground just outside Tauranga Harbour. The Liberian registered MV National Party, rumoured to be carrying yellowcake uranium ore, grounded at 5.15pm this afternoon.

Maritime New Zealand has advised that it may be able to begin overseeing a salvage operation sometime in late 2014.

Transport Minister Stephen Joyce was unavailable for comment due to commitments to his other role as National Party Campaign Director. However, a spokesperson for the Minister released this statement on Mr Joyce’s behalf:

The ship’s on fire, she’s sinking fast,
There’s one man standing on the mast,
His arms are spread in the flames around his head
He’d better jump before the blast,
PM John Key is standing on the quay
He’s taking colour photographs.

3 thoughts on “Third container ship aground off Tauranga

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  3. It is not very wise do publish such “jokes” in the time where the situation is so serious. For the people in Tauranga. It might be better to look forward and more important to avoid such accidents in future. Regards

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