Bad, bad, bad Greens for encouraging people to obey the law

The Young Greens are running a campaign to encourage people, particularly young people, to enrol to vote.

As a gimmick aspect of the campaign, it has a few prizes – the Greens are offering an incentive to encourage people to comply with the law – enrolling to vote (as opposed to actually voting) is compulsory under our electoral law.

But (suspiciously, within minutes of each other) blog posts appeared today from the Nats’ attack team of Cameron Slater and David Farrar, attacking the Greens for encouraging people to comply with electoral law.

I guess Slater and Farrar figure that a low enrollment increases the Nats’ probability of retaining power. So much for the commitment of the political right to encouraging democratic participation. They have decided that is against the interests of the Party they support, and the end of re-electing a National-led government justifies the means of discouraging democratic participation to ensure that end is achieved.

1 thought on “Bad, bad, bad Greens for encouraging people to obey the law

  1. I have to say, given the recent article in the Listener about Whaleoil, this does smack of something only someone on anti-psychotic medication would come up with.

    Do they really think that the country should disenfranchise young people simply because the advertising moguls want politics to pander to the old people with all the jobs, all the housing, and investments in rental properties and franchise-food outlets? ‘Cos, y’know, those people aren’t doing much for the young people of this country, going back to around 1995 when those with student loans started leaving the country in droves.

    Why are NZ’ers overseas so highly regarded? ‘Cos that’s where all the highly educated, talented ones with large student loans to pay back are.
    Why are employers moaning about the state of the workforce here? If they paid decent wages, if they encouraged graduates and young people with sub- degree tertiary qualification to stay here, there wouldn’t be skills shortage at all, our skilled young people would be coming back here to contribute to growing a fabulous society. So, we have a video on the internetz, appealing to all those young people scattered around the world, so that they enrol to vote. So that maybe, one day, they can all come home.

    Geez, now that I think about that, $12 billion worth of student loan owners coming home might just scare the bejesus out of me if I was Farrar or Slater, and getting paid by National to produce spin. Just think what it would do to the polls …..

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