Brighter Future: Plan B

7 thoughts on “Brighter Future: Plan B

  1. Wow taking the piss out of an ecological disaster to make a political point.

  2. fuck you guys are scumbags. point scoring in the middle of a disaster and blaming National for it …. Shot guys.

  3. @Andrew 11:40 am

    Face it, Andrew, National are to blame for it. It was National who introduced the “open coast” policy back in the 1990s that allowed flag of convenience rustbuckets to run on our coast with little regulation, poor health and safety, poor labour standards etc.

    And as I suggest in my subsequent post, it was National who earlier this year claimed Maritime NZ had the expertise and resources to respond to a deepwater drilling crisis, when the evidence is that they cannot even respond adequately to 1700 tonnes of oil in a grounded cargo freighter just off NZ’s largest port.

  4. face what? in 21 years no party has had so much of an issue with it to change the law? Maritime NZ does have the expertise to respond to these crisis. They are handling it as best they can. There have been many salvage experts on record saying that the response was as fast, if not faster than any they have seen. But i guess you can’t please everyone aye? You just some stupid political hack that thinks they know better than everyone else.

  5. @Andrew 12:06 pm

    They are probably responding adequately now – when oil is washing up all over the Bay of Plenty coast and containers a floating around all over the place. Where was the response during the 5 days of calm weather following the grounding when there was a window of opportunity to get at least the oil, although probably not the containers, off the Rena?

    Update: Oh, and on your other point, the Greens have been advocating tighter regulation of coastal shipping and the reintroduction of cabotage ever since they were first elected to Parliament.

  6. There is a process that must be followed in this situation. You cant just rock on up to a cargo ship and start pumping oil out if it, that’s just not possible. Oil was being moved within the ship the day after the grounding. The expert on TV last night said that the earliest possible time for oil recovery would have been Friday, so maybe yea, they were a day late. not bad for having to sort through the logistical nightmare.

    anyway i’ve said all i’m going to say on the matter. This is a tragedy, this is a disaster scenario that no new zealander ever wanted to see. but it happened, people are working as hard and as best they can. give them a fucken break.

    blame the dickheads that piloted the boat onto a reef at 17 knots, not the national party. i know you wish that john key was actually piloting the ship, but he wasn’t. get out and help yourself rather than anonymously bitching about from your keyboard.

  7. Gee…National apologists are everywhere at the moment. The thing is, there are so many situations where apologies are needed that Key isn’t getting his preferred photo opportunities. The Maritime Union has been warning that the Open Coastal Act (implemented by National) would prove our environmental undoing.
    As for a break, Andrew – they did get offered an opportunity to put things right when it was put to that waste of space Steven? Joyce to put into place an oil response ship – but it seemed at the time not a good use of tax payer monies….BMW’s were a better buy?????
    This would have to be the most amoral and incompetent government in NZ’s history.

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