You scumbag, scumbag, scumbag!

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour (at 2:08 in the video) from National MPs in Parliament today, following someone with a grievance against Work and Income attempting to protest by jumping over the balcony from the public gallery:

I’m no fan of Phil Goff, but this reflects very, very badly on a number of National [other] MPs.

Update: Difficult to tell from the video who said what, but as noted in the comments thread, journalists who were present report that it was actually Labour MPs who were shouting “scumbag” and it was in response to Key shouting “You should be ashamed of yourselves” towards the Labour benches. In any case, it was a very bad look by all those involved. This is the sort of behaviour that brings Parliament into disrepute.

10 thoughts on “You scumbag, scumbag, scumbag!

  1. So Annette King’s “scumbag” and Steve Chadwick’s “gutless” interjections don’t rate a mention then Toad? Funny that…

  2. IV2, tell me what time the Labour MP’s comments appear on the video (which I have now updated the post to embed)?

    If Labour MPs engaged in similar disgraceful behaviour, I didn’t pick that up from my viewing of the video. If they did, they should be tarred with the same brush as I have stroked National with.

  3. @Inventory2 5:22 pm

    Hard to tell from the video who started it – still seems to me it was the Nats. Whatever! It was a disgrace, and the Assistant Speaker should have given all those involved in that sort of abuse of Parliamentary processes a fast serve and a day off as a penalty, whether they be National or Labour.

    This is the sort of shit that happens in Parliament that those of us in the Greens really want to clean up.

  4. I don’t understand why John Key would assume that it was a Labour stunt. What was his thought process, I wonder…

  5. Toad the comments of “sucmbag” were made by Steve Chadwick, Annette King, her voice is the loudest and captured by Phil Goff’s live mike, and Darien Fenton, who is seen mouthing “Scum”. Just before the speaker interjects Trevor Mallard delivers the last “scumbag” again it is quite clear and distinctive.

    Remember that Phil Goff is speaking and so it is his mike that is live not anyone from the government benches.

    You are right though it is disgraceful behaviour, but from Labour.

  6. @Whaleoil

    Yeah, I guess journalists who were there would have a better idea of who said what than those of us just viewing and listening to the video. No credit to either Key or the Labour MPs involved imo.

  7. I wonder what Slater thinks the Labour MP’s should have done after being accused of causing the incident… Write a letter of complaint?

    The fact of the matter is that the opportunist John Key should not have tried to deflect the young mans anger at National onto Labour. The prime ministers comments were completely uncalled for and show he’s unfit to lead this country.

    On the other hand, Phil Goff proved himself to be a true statesman with his effective speech under a torrent of abuse from National MP’s.

    Spin as much as you like Slater, the video doesn’t lie.

  8. Toad,
    as I was ‘doing the town’ with a fellow campaigner from up the Horowhenua way, we happened to be in the public gallery, and had noticed the poor soul who took this action.

    Much earlier than the events in the gallery, I had noticed this very tall, thin, agitated older fellow as we queued up to hand in our belongings to the bag-check downstairs. He was seated in the gallery opposite to us, so I had a clear view of him, and could hear relatively clearly what went on.
    This older, ill-looking thin tall man seemed unstable to my eyes, when I appraised him beforehand, and he was jumpy when (respectfully) responded to by the Parliamentary security downstairs.
    We had to await the movement of Members into the Chamber, and a bit of a media scrum had formed on the first floor corridor; so security were directing us up in the lift, rather than using the stairs, and requesting us to go directly to the second floor and the second security post at the entrance to the public gallery.
    This delay seemed to make the unwell-looking chap very much more uneasy.

    As the events in the gallery occurred, I had been watching the beginning of Goff’s speech, and so swung around to see the man spreadeagled along the railing, three limbs to the wind and only one arm restrained by a member of the public, who along with one security guard and two more members of the public managed to drag the unfortunate man back up over the railing and onto the floor of the gallery.
    I gave a short shriek, involuntarily, as I saw the man flailing, which is the only time I have ever screamed in the Gallery, and will probably be the only time I will ever get away with it. I seriously considered that the man was going to fall to his death, and I still consider that was his primary intention, whatever his statements turn out to be.
    As he was being moved from the gallery by a crew of security guards, he was shouting something about WINZ; I suspect he may have been a victim of the latest strictures, which have seen WINZ staff interrogating many beneficiaries as to their degree of need for sickness or invalid’s benefits. Those who have insufficient ability to work through the paperwork maze required to be negotiated are falling off the system, not into employment but into destitution. This is indeed to the shame of the National-led Government, and particularly to Minister of Social Development, Paula Bennett.

    During these events, I was later informed by Green MP Kevin Hague, one of the security guards was kicked in the torso, suffering two broken ribs and a further sprained ankle. It was quite a fracas, and had the Labour MP’s seated below the railing up on their feet and moving out to the aisles as they watched in horror the clearly suicidally-inclined person above them struggling with those who sought to return him to firm ground.

    My companion and I remained long enough to hear the baracking that broke out as the Speaker stood to restrain the MP’s heckling, and decided after ten minutes that we didn’t fancy listening to any more of the speeches to that item on the order paper, heading off to see a few other sights of the city. I was not impressed with either the National nor the Labour MP’s responses in trying to point-score off the desperate act of this obviously unwell individual.

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