That is not a term I use lightly. In fact, it is not one I think I have ever used in a blog post before today.

But the Government’s decision today to retrospectively change the law to allow illegally obtained Police evidence to be admissible in Court hearings against defendants who would, without that evidence, likely be acquitted, is just that – fascism!

This is a dark day in New Zealand’s history. Our Government decides to change the law to criminalise people by validating illegal acts by the Police to collect evidence that under the law at the time was inadmissible in Court. Which Parties will support National in their descent to the depths of injustice? Surely not ACT, the self-styled “liberal” party.

It is the Police who are the criminals here, and the officers responsible for illegally obtaining the evidence should be the ones prosecuted, or at least disciplined, not the victims (however badly they may have behaved) of a knowingly illegal evidence gathering power-trip by the Police.

3 thoughts on “Fascism!!!

  1. This is totally unbelievable, the government is acting like a child, they do not like certain individuals and therefore decides to change the law to suit themselves, makes Hitler look like a saint.

  2. Tautoko on this post, Toad.
    Quick spellcheck f’ya – Urewera – not ‘uru’ in your tag – and now I’ll stop nit-picking!

    There will be a lot of comment around the blogsphere on this – indeed, it started yesterday on FB – so since most of what I’d say is unprintable, I’ll limit myself to a simple “WTF?!!” and leave it at that.

    Any state that circumvents it’s own laws, then when caught, insists that the law must be brought into line with the practice of it’s police officers, is well down the path to total corruption.
    After all, if we could all get away with that, cannabis would be legal tomorrow too, eh? šŸ˜‰

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