Labour’s disgraceful greenhouse gas polluter backdown

I’ve been fuming for the last couple of days about National yet again watering down the Emissions Trading Scheme.

But today, I’m even angrier. But with Labour, not with National. Today, Labour’s Climate Change spokesperson, David Parker, released this media statement. The headline looked good, most of the rhetoric castigated National’s position, but buried in the middle of the release was this statement:

Although Labour believes National’s approach to industrial emissions is imperfect, we are willing to go along with it due to the desirability of settling across both main parties.

When Labour were in government, they were not prepared to give any concession to the Greens to strengthen their weak Emissions Trading Scheme.  But now, in opposition, Labour are prepared to cozy up to yet another National Party proposal to further subsidise greenhouse gas polluters, purportedly in the interest of “unity and certainty”.

Meanwhile, it is you and me as taxpayers who pay for this, rather than the polluters.

If there is ever a reason to vote Green rather than Labour or National on November 26, this has to be it.

1 thought on “Labour’s disgraceful greenhouse gas polluter backdown

  1. Arrgh! David Parker….
    Labour caucus spinning over-time to get this swung out, Goff must be getting desperate to keep some imagined ‘swing’ voters, who are business-oriented but thick about the concepts involved.

    I’ve been reading an amazing book about green innovation, first published in 2005 & just revised with updates in 2010 – “World-changing A user’s guide for the 21st Century”, and although a lot of the specific info is North American-generated, there’s a lot there for the rest of us (and for anyone who hasn’t lived in the USA) which shows just how the USA ends up being the highest energy users on the planet – the tips on how to reduce consumption are so basic, the kinds of things everyone here does already anyway – but there are good segments on how to green business in ways that are both profitable, emissions-lowering and innovative. Creativity is a big ingredient in the mix, and with sections on shelter, cities, community, business, politics and planet, it gradually draws your thinking from the immediate and local right out to the global – ways to create a bright green future.

    It’s a shame that so much of the thinking we see reflected in both Labour and National is rooted in a dull, grey view from the 20th century, merely trying to keep doing stuff that just hasn’t worked, because of all the vested interests who don’t want to change. Innovative thinking about sustainability is the way forward; re-imagining our futures, and listening to the young people who are right now studying ways to be more viable, more creative, more sustainable because it’s their future that’s at stake.

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