Gaddafi’s little helper in the Beehive

Muammar Gaddafi

Anne Tolley

Remember this, just 10 months ago:

Education Minister Anne Tolley today signed an agreement with Libya’s Secretary for Education and Science Research, Dr Abdulkabir Fakhry, making New Zealand one of only five countries eligible to receive Libyan government scholarship students.

The agreement outlined the basis for New Zealand’s engagement with Libya over the next five years in the educational and scientific fields in both compulsory and tertiary education sectors.

Mrs Tolley said many New Zealand education providers saw big potential in increasing engagement with Libya.

Conservative estimates were that New Zealand stood to get over 300 students a year in fully-funded scholarships worth up to $30m, she said.

“Libya is an emerging education market for New Zealand. It is a nation coming out of a period of international isolation and ready to re-engage with countries like ours.”

By March this year, Tolley wasn’t so keen to talk about the deal:

The New Zealand government is not commenting on whether it will honour a $ 150 million education and science deal it signed with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan government late last year. … Repeated questions put to Tolley this week by The United Press relating to whether the government will honour the agreement or if it regrets its decision to support Gaddafi’s regime went unanswered.

I wonder if she has anything to say about it now (and I wonder why the NZ media have left it up to the United Chinese Press to ask).


3 thoughts on “Gaddafi’s little helper in the Beehive

  1. This is something the NZ politicians don’t want citizens to know about, therefore don’t allow the media to cover the story. Top to bottom theory of power elites at play here, good on China Press for bringing it into the light. I mean, initial thought was “well, Tolley doesn’t want to admit to something OR the Chinese have a grudge against NZ…” So I’m not too sure. I love the irony though, wish that politicians would grow some balls and own up to a mistake even if they didn’t see the consequences and look for a solution. Keep the stories coming 🙂

  2. Libya, a sovereign nation with its own central bank, its own currency, free education, free health, and a very high standard of living, being invaded by Nato and its mercenaries (not rebels) for the gold, the oil, and to ensure that the IMF has no opposition. Gadaffi refused to sign with the IMf and and allow the parasite banksters to bleed his nation. To add further fuel to the Bannketsrs fire, several African nations were ready to accept the Dinar into their currencies.

    Wake up people. This has nothing to do with liberation or freedom. Its all about plunder.
    Just ask John perkins “confessions of an economic hitman” who will tell you that they couldnt bribe saddam hussein, gadaffi, or Chavez into being IMF’ed. history willk show that those who dont agree to this predatory lending and subsequent selling off state owned enterprises , get “taken out”.

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