Adidas distinguishes between goose and gander

From the Herald this morning:

Meanwhile, Adidas New Zealand’s country manager David Huggett told Radiosport the company was looking to enforce cross-border agreements to stop overseas retailers from selling to New Zealand residents… and we’re certainly taking that very seriously because we want to support New Zealand retailing,” Mr Huggett said.

I’m astonished he can profess his support for New Zealand retailers in the same article which notes his company manufactures all its All Black jerseys offshore at Adidas factories where wages are as low as 60c an hour.

So Adidas has a moral commitment New Zealand retailing, but it would rather those retailers sold entirely overseas manufactured goods, preferably made in factories that would, if based here, breach a swag of New Zealand employment laws.

What a vision for our economy – losing all our manufacturing jobs so that we can sell the same goods we could have made ourselves to each other, all the while supporting a large multinational to exploit minimum employment rights and wages in other countries.


One thought on “Adidas distinguishes between goose and gander

  1. Well that’s mind-numbingly cognitively dissonant – do they think that’s an effective media marketing placement? Astounding…

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