A dishonourable doctorate for Ruthanasia

I’m all for academic freedom, and tertiary institutions are entitled to honour whoever they choose with honorary degrees, but surely an honourary doctorate for Ruth Richardson is a step too far:

Former Finance Minister Ruth Richardson will receive an honorary Doctor of Commerce degree from the University of Canterbury in December. Announcing the honour today, the University said Ms Richardson, a UC alumna, had made significant contributions to the political and business communities both nationally and internationally.

Richardson was the author of the Mother of all Budgets, slashing welfare benefits and introducing charges for healthcare and massively hiking fees for tertiary education.

Today, the oldest of the Children of the Mother of all Budgets are in their late teens or early twenties. They are frequently those who have never had paid employment, those whose families have been devastated by poverty, and the suicide victims who Te Ururoa Flavell now wants to be buried outside the entrance to the urupa, where they can be condemned forever.

Ruth Richardson caused this. She is the most evil New Zealander of the last century. She should be vilified, not honoured by the University of Canterbury with a doctorate she didn’t even study for.

17 thoughts on “A dishonourable doctorate for Ruthanasia

  1. Richardson completely disregarded the plight of ordinary New Zealanders her reckless policies were having an effect on. she was totally irresponsible and should be sent to the Hague for “Crimes Against Humanity”.

  2. “She is the most evil New Zealander of the last century”.
    Coming from a toadie like you, what a fabulous honour. Worth more than a Doctorate.

  3. We’re due for another round of the ‘Burn Shipley burn’ type of protests, I do believe.

    How many caricatures of politics can we find for effigies?
    Ruthy is a bit past it, but maybe a swollen Paula Bennett bonfire guy dressed in fake fur; perhaps Cathy Odgers would like to be photographed somewhere holding a glass of champagne and opening some dismal event so a trawl of the op-shops can provide us with a similar costume & wig, she’d go well as a partner in crime with Paula …


  4. @Inventory2, 30 July, 2011, 6:33 pm

    Hyperbole? Name one New Zealander in the 20th century who did more harm to more people that Richardson did, IV2. Joh Bjelke-Petersen, perhaps, but that was not in New Zealand.

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  6. Dude, why are you blogging about this – it has nothing to do with the environment or so-called “Green” policies. Why don’t you get your own house in order and give people a reason to vote Greens.

    All you currently get with a Green vote, is a Red vote – the Greens have done sweet FA for a Green party.

    Misinformed hateful rants against something you clearly don’t understand very well is not going to win you any support.

  7. So reducing the amount the public are robbed, at the end of a gun if necessary, makes her evil???? Ooooookaaaaaaay.

  8. As DPF points out, more of an evil NZer than Clayton-the-Sophie-stabber?

    What about David Gray’s exploits in Aromoana? Than Bert Potter at Centerpoint? Than what happened to Liilybing and Delcelia Witika? Than what MNorgan Fahey got up to? Than what Malcolm Rewa, Joe Thompson, Alan Woodcock, Stewart Wilson, or Peter Mwai did?

    Shipleys only ‘crime’ was blocking off protesters from being seen by a visiting dignatory. It is worth noting that even after this “mother of all budgets” that Toad complains about, beneficiataries were still better off raltive to the average wage than after the last nine years of (Green supported) Labour government.

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  10. I think David Gray was probably more evil what with murdering people and all…. Get some perspective Toad – this was a poor post.

  11. Were any of you adults when Ruth Richardson was an MP?
    Do any of you remember the ‘Mother of all Budgets?

    It was directly as a result of that Budget that the ECA and the Student Loans Act were passed, shifting the costs onto students and workers that the generation who made that legislation had paid for them by the State.
    Dr Lockwood Smith and Ms Ruth Richardson were the architects of some of the most venal and self-serving legislation ever passed in this country, and that’s saying a lot, because the squatocracy stacked the legislative lists with self-serving legislation for decades, in the initial NZ Provincial Governments, that passed away when Dominion status was granted in 1907, to create the Parliament that we now see.

    If you don’t know th ehistory of politics in this county you will be doomed to repeat teh same mistakes over and over again. But don’t believe me, read what Brian Easton has to say in the Listener http://www.listener.co.nz/current-affairs/economy/great-nz-financial-crisis/.

    Bunch of chumps voting for tories ..

  12. Toad
    You do us all a disservice with your hyperbole. Helen Clark wins hands down and all who voted to protect Harry Dunhoven join her. As do all who voted for the EFA and took our rights away.
    Lets not leave the SEC59 out of it shall we?
    What part of 80% don’t you understand?
    Oh I forgot you are a Green High up, the people and democracy doesn’t matter to you as you know better.
    Mike Mckee

  13. anarkaytie seems upset about the ECA. Quite why somebody could be upset at legislation that allowed freedom of association, and also allowed a wronged employee to seek financial compensation from a bad employer, is facinating.
    Im fact, the ECA reforms were so valuable, that even the last Labour government did not change them, instead opting to rename the old ECA with the term ERA, with the only change of note being specific references to unions (which was not in the ECA).

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