Back Benches link from last night

Thanks TV7 for being such organised little bunnies, here’s that episode I was talking about in a post earlier this week.

Star of the show must be Holly Walker, who has acquitted herself very well for her first outing as a nearly-politician, on a panel decimated by winter illnesses, with Chester Burrows holding the Nat’s seat and Clair Curran speaking for Labour.

Click here for the show at TVNZ on-demand.

There’s also a bit of footage of the Cannabus crew and Billy McKee, down for an evening out before Billy’s court appearance today in Levin District Court. And some very good vox pop’s from the table of young-ish Greens who were there to support Holly, insider alert, play spot-the-Bowen-crew bingo.

And footage on TV3 here from today’s protest at Levin District Court.

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