Snot, phlegm and Mucinex

I’ve had the day off work today – all congested and generally yuk. Snot and phlegm, can’t stop coughing – guess you all know how it is from time to time.

Anyway, went to the local pharmacy this evening, and they suggested something called Mucinex. Cost me $21.00.

I suspect it won’t do anything, and I’ll still feel as crook tomorrow as I have today; just like I have in the past with natural remedies (ginger, garlic, lavender) or chemically synthesised ones (all those off the shelf cough mixtures that do nothing). Viruses tend to be like that.

Anyway, giving the Mucinex a try tonight. If I have posted here again before 10:00am tomorrow, at least it means I am still alive.


3 thoughts on “Snot, phlegm and Mucinex

  1. Um, I am still alive, but not up to doing a new post, although I would love to do one about the Nats’ Epsom selection and the rort they are doing with ACT.

  2. A periodontist grafted “bone” into my sinuses for implants. what he didn’t tell me was that he was not actually grafting bone, but using cancellous mineralized powder. So now there are 7mm chunks of fibrotic bone in my sinuses, too big to pass thru the infundibulum or ostia, and it is causing more snot than I can stand. Nothing helps, absolutely NOTHING. I am gonna try to sue this doctor but DENTAL malpractice cases are hardly ever on contingent fee basis. Aint this just groovy cool and wonderful? Been going on now for a screaming year.

  3. Oh, and Muxinex (a cheaper store brand is Mucus Relief) is actually guaifenisen, a mucolytic drug, which takes water and mixes it with the mucus, making it more watery and less sticky. So if the mucus is in your lungs, it will not likely stick your air sacs together and cause pulmonary fibrosis

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