Don’t give the potty peer oxygen

New Zealand’s climate cranks are trying to get über-denier Viscount Monckton of Brinchley to visit New Zealand for a debate with a NZ climate scientist.

Here’s NIWA scientist Dr Jim Renwick’s response:

Dr Renwick said he was unsure whether he would want to participate even if he was available as it would simply give publicity to Lord Monckton. “Sure we can debate things, but the evidence and observations that are out there, there’s nothing to debate. To debate the whole idea of climate change is long past.”

Good!  The place for debating science is in scientific journals, and nothing Monckton has ever produced has a snowball’s chance in hell of being published in one. He has no qualifications in climate science and is a charlatan and a showman who manipulates and cherry picks data and relies on distorting facts and telling outright lies.

What’s more, Monckton is litigious. When Professor John Abraham of the University of St Thomas, Minnesota gave his crackpot assertions a point-by-point debunking.last year, Monckton’s response was to claim US$110,000 in libel damages and ask Abraham to issue an apology, a retraction, and to remove the critique from all public places.

Debunk Monckton for sure, but debating him only gives oxygen to his pseudoscience.

1 thought on “Don’t give the potty peer oxygen

  1. As with requests from creationists to debate evolutionary biologists, the only response is to “just say no”.

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