In case you missed it

There was an excellent documentary shown on TV3’s Inside New Zealand show, linked below, discussing the ongoing debate about decriminalisation of cannabis use in New Zealand. Dakta Green, aka Ken Morgan, speaks frankly about his campaigning through NORML and the West Auckland property he has converted from warehousing into The Daktory, a ‘member’s only’ cannabis club.

There is also commentary from lawyers, drug harm reduction researchers and health officials in NZ, UK, and Australia, and a segment from Warren Young of the Law Commission, who have released a report on the Review of the 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act, which recommends changes to the legislation.

I thoroughly recommend anyone to view this, it covers all of the issues very well, in a fair and unbiased way. Incidentally, it includes some footage of Billy McKee taken at his home in Levin, showing the extent of his disability and the way in which he medically uses dried cannabis as an infusion to drink, and a poultice for muscular pain. This was aired just after Billy’s arrest, but produced some weeks ago, as it mentions Dakta Green’s recent conviction, but not Billy’s arrest last week.

For those who are interested, the NZ Law Commission’s report is available here, which can be downloaded as two .pdf files.

2 thoughts on “In case you missed it

  1. Good doco. Would like to read the research referred to. The problem is that the Government is only reading one side of the story. Until they take into account the reality of the situation, there will be no change to decriminalisation of cannabis use in New Zealand. I don’t imbibe, but fully support people like Billy McKee to use the medicine.

  2. Hi Jackal,
    I’ve just updated the post to include a link to the report, which you can download.
    There were many ppl referring to research, and I’ve read quite a bit myself along the years, you’d have to be a bit more specific about which one you’re referring to!

    There’s quite a bit been done to debunk the causative link between cannabis & schizophrenia (or other psychosis) in NZ, but you’d prolly find that most easily by searching the Medical journals through a Uni library – most of them are on-line now, tho’, might be worth an ‘ask google’.

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