Yesterday’s men supporting Alasdair Thompson

Just look at those who are supporting Alasdair Thompson:

Sir Roger Douglas:

Mr Thompson’s views were clearly offensive to many, but if that is grounds for dismissing him, we may as well become an Iran.

Karl du Fresne:

This was Hitler’s technique: to frighten opponents into submission with such an overwhelming show of force that no-one dared dissent. Mr Thompson was abandoned even by his spineless board of directors.

Garth George:

I have a great deal of sympathy for Mr Thompson and only contempt for those who contrived to have him sacked. … The hoo-ha over Mr Thompson’s remarks highlighted once more the blurring of genders that has happened over the last half-century; the proposition that men and women are the same.  That, of course, is utter nonsense.

Why can’t these knuckle-draggers just go away and leave the rest of us to move on?

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s men supporting Alasdair Thompson

  1. It is deplorable that Mr Thompson was sacked. There are other “high’ profile people in the media that have made comments and have still retained their jobs, Paul Holmes is one and he just made a tongue in cheek comment, cheek being the operative word. Mr Thompson should not have made those comments, but it certainly was not a sackable offence.
    An action too far.

  2. @not impressed 9:56 am

    If it had just been Thompson’s initial comments, and he had subsequently apologised and admitted he didn’t have any evidence to back those comments, I would tend to agree with you.

    Thompson’s problem was that he kept on digging, including the 27 minute barely coherent rambling interview in which he bullied reporter Mihingarangi Forbes. That brought the EMA into disrepute, and that is something that no-one who is the public face of an organisation can do and expect to keep their job.

  3. Meh. Those guys can all hold hands together at their election night party & wonder where ‘all the dames’ went. And whine about how their ‘manly’ leadership is unappreciated.

    Green Party election night parties, all over the country, where ‘we only date people who vote green’ – and my, what a group of lovelies we have lined up to party in Wellington Central!
    [Auckland Central, the challenge has been laid, lol ;-)]

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