Only one party… the National Party

Nazi anti-MMP campaigner Alex Fogerty doesn’t seem content with returning to the two-party dictatorship of FPP or its bastard cousin SM.  Here he is on the Lower North Island Young Nats’ Facebook page a couple of months ago, apparently advocating a one party state:

The anti-MMP group Vote for Change have been quick to dissociate themselves from Fogerty (although not quick enough to avoid losing their sole founding member who was not a hard right winger, former Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey).

It will be interesting to see if the National Party and the Young Nats do the same. Or do they tolerate Nazi creeps like this in their midst?

Update (2.10pm): Well, that was quick.  Fogerty’s comment has now been removed from the Lower North Island Young Nats’ FB page.

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