Saunders Unsworth

A question from a confused observer.  Why would the following state-owned or partly state-owned companies and publicly funded organisations need to commission the private lobbying and consultancy agency Saunders Unsworth?:

Meridian, Genesis Mighty River Power, NZ Post, Air New Zealand, ACC, Commerce Commission, Auckland City, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NZ Super Fund, Massey University, Otago University, Metro Polytechnics, Victoria University of Wellington, Auckland Museum, and the Industry Training Federation.

These are all listed as current or previous clients of Saunders Unsworth.

I would have thought these agencies should all be able to talk with their responsible minister without needing to spend public money on a private lobbying firm? Am I being naïvely idealistic, or have some of these organisations and companies become so tied up in their own corporate philosophies that they forgot how they used to do things?

6 thoughts on “Saunders Unsworth

  1. An interesting question indeed. I see that MFAT and ACC are also on the list of Saunders Unsworth clients you link to stevedore, which is even more bizarre.

  2. To it’s credit Saunders Unsworth lists (at least some of) its clients publicly on its website. That certainly would not be the case with other lobbying agencies, or more importantly, the politicians being lobbied by these agencies.

  3. The inbox one is an addon for Gmail…really cool the way it works…i think there is much to be done ti uncover the lobbyists here…I would support and participate in a similar initiative if it could be got going.

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