I see Bomber is yet again determined to promote Mana’s left-wing credentials by way of attacking the Greens:

By zigging when they were supposed to zag, the Greens have become the biggest political risk factor now they say they can cut a deal with John Key if the price is Green enough

via TUMEKE!: What a Mana win means this week.

I’ve certainly got nothing against Harawira and his party (I respect him and his team) but let’s remember, unlike Harawira, the Greens have never voted confidence and supply for the current government.

I think this Working for You chart pretty clearly sums up which party and politicians have most often taken a stance against the National and Act parties over the last three years. I just do not believe there is evidence to support either the theory that the Greens are preparing to abandon social justice causes, or that the Mana Party, with its policies still mostly unannounced, is a new champion of the left.


6 thoughts on “Baseless

  1. He has taken an incredibly annoying stance, claiming til he’s blue in the face that the Greens have turned into right wing capitalists with green tinges. Idiot! No one actually believes we will go with National, for goodness sake!

  2. Are you seriously suggesting that I am not left wing and are you seriously suggesting Hone is not left wing? Are you seriously suggesting Annette Sykes is not left wing? Are you seriously suggesting that Matt McCarten is not left wing? Are you seriously suggesting John Minto is not left wing? Are seriously suggesting that Sue Bradford is not left wing?

  3. No. I can’t see where you would say I made that suggestion at all. I’m a supporter of most of those people you listed. All I said was that that Greens have a better voting record of opposing this current government than Harawira does. The Greens also have pre-existing policy that confirms the stance our MPs will take issue by issue – we know exactly how, when and where they will oppose the current government. Mana, on the other hand does not have that policy base. That’s not a criticism of Mana – just saying that Mana is a new party and has a lot of work to do.
    The point I was making it it is not right to attack the Greens’ creditability as way of building the reputation of Mana, when the Greens have by far and away the the most credible record in the current parliament based on issues that matter to you.

  4. @bomber on 20 June, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    I just don’t think it is useful for Mana and the Greens to be attacking each other. They have considerable agreement on policy, and are far closer to each other than either is to the parties of neo-liberalism – National and Labour.

    So the Greens and Mana should bot be attacking the enemy, in whose interests both the two larger parties work, rather than attacking each other with silly arguments over who is more “left”.

  5. Of course we could make it about comparing apples to apples, and compare the Mana Party with the Green Party, rather than Hone as an individual with the Green Party. And the Mana Party has never signed any agreements with the National Party.

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