The ACT Party’s left testicle

Just when I thought the ACT Party couldn’t get more dominated by wealthy, bigoted, elderly white men, Bob “Left Testicle” Clarkson joins up.

Former National MP Clarkson was the subject of sexual harassment allegations made by a former employee. Clarkson claimed the allegations were the result of a misunderstanding arising from a mention of his left testicle to a colleague. Clarkson, in the heat of the controversy, grabbed and talked about his crotch to a female reporter.

Clarkson’s sure to work wonders to improve ACT’s 0.00% polling among female voters achieved in the latest Herald Digipoll.

4 thoughts on “The ACT Party’s left testicle

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  2. He’s a member, not a candidate. How is this any different to the large number of batshit crazy members the green party has over the years.

    You can pick your candidates, you can’t however pick your supporters.

  3. @MikeE 11:19 AM

    But Brash has said he would be happy for Clarkson to be the candidate:

    Brash told SunLive that Clarkson was just one of the many high profile New Zealanders now supporting Act because of concerns about the current National led government.

    He would support Clarkson as Tauranga’s Act candidate if he decided to take up the position.

  4. Half the voters in this country just lost interest in ACT.

    Possibly a big chunk of the media, too.

    Seriously, we couldn’t do as much damage to them as they are doing to themselves. Do they really have no idea?

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