Green Jersey, Green Cycleways, Green City?

CyclewaySo Stevedore bet me to the punch celebrating the Highlanders new look although I don’t know if I’m a fan ever since the whole stadium debacle but something else is turning green in our fair city – Cycleways. NZTA have put a “skid resistant” green coating on some of the cities cycleways (the ones they control anyway) but not always in the right place. I wish my camera was working so I could post a photo but while as intended they have covered some hot spots they have also put random little bits in down the one way – at least on Great King Street north of Albany St. I’m slightly bemused.

1 thought on “Green Jersey, Green Cycleways, Green City?

  1. I never realized that was what the green on the road was for. They have it here in Wgtn too, but I assumed it was just to scare away the cars. Does your flat still have mould or has Gareth sorted it out now?

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