Overseas development funding

Murray McCully said on Morning Report this morning  that he wants to scrap the KOHA-PICD scheme and establish an alternative fund controlled by Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials (and the Minister). This new scheme would also have a different criteria because the KOHA-PICD scheme has “too much emphasis on union rights”.

I’ve got a particular interest in this because on of the charities that I donate to, UnionAID, is probably the one he has in mind when he disparagingly talks about “union rights projects in obscure parts of the world”.

I’m not sure that reducing domestic violence against Dalit women in Tamil Nadu by 15-25%, or ensuring that cremation workers from the lowest caste in India are paid a small monthly wage so they can afford to send their children to school are projects that should be abandoned just becasue they happen to be organised by union members.

Hopefully he will make his decision based on the value of the project rather than ill-considered judgements and stereotypes about the people who are running, fundraising or donating to that project?


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