I see Aucklanders have been invited to submit our entries for a new Auckland supercity logo to the Auckland Transition Agency and be in to win a $10,000 prize.

But just like everything else about the supershitty, the decision on the logo has already been made by Rodney Hide.

I’ve managed to get a copy:

2 thoughts on “Auctland

  1. Toad,
    you really are taking this one to the limits, eh!

    I just hope he’s not in the room when our Prenderghastly mayor tries to convince the WCC that Wellington should follow the lead of Akkers & become one megs-council across the four city boundaries we currently have. (Possibly six, if you count Tawa & Kapiti separately…)

  2. Yep, I’ve picked up there are those pushing for Wellington to go down the same path. Am I right that Peter Dunhill is one of them?

    I don’t have a problem with the “supercity” concept per se – so long as local democracy is retained. What I do have the problem with in Auckland is the corporatisation approach, with the Ministerially appointed Council (Un)controlled Organisations having the vast majority of the power, the elected Councillors having little control over them, and the local boards having virtually no power at all. That is totally undemocratic. Plus the nasty clauses in the Bill before Parliament at the moment to facilitate privatisation of Auckland’s assets.

    Edit: Oh, and Ari pointed out back in November last year, the gerrymander of the boundaries in favour of right-wing voting areas, which hasn’t improved with the release of the final boundaries.

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