Phil Goff

Yesterday’s other big political speech (i.e. the one not by Jeanette): platitutes to middle New Zealand, beneficiary bashing, telling Maori that he knows what is good for them, a cap on public service salaries and an obstinate focus on economic growth rather than social well-being.  The question that this raises is Phil Goff trying to be Winston-lite or Brash-lite? I imagine some core Labour voters are starting to get a bit antsy about this sort or rhetoric – do they really want to win at ‘any’ cost?

And what’s with this sudden inconsistent support for the $15 minimum wage? The Greens and others were talking about $15 years ago when some other party than National was in power and $15 was about two thirds of the average wage. Since then inflation and the average wage have risen significantly – the real progressive political discussion should be about linking the minimum wage to two thirds of the average wage.

1 thought on “Phil Goff

  1. Fine words. Always fine words from the New Zealand Labour Party. About sustainability, fairness, rights, a decent society.

    I’ve come to disbelieve anything that Labour MPs or activists tell me, until it is actually in the budget or adopted in a Government bill. Otherwise, the words are worse than useless, because they give the impression that Labour will actually do what is needed. Witness Labour’s about turn on lawanawdah, after 9 years of imposing the harshest, most punitive, and least effective system of imprisonment in New Zealand’s history.

    Why should we believe them? They’ve betrayed New Zealand so many times before with their fine words.

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