Congrats to Gareth Hughes

Funny trend emerging – Labour’s new generation of MPs is my generation – in fact I knew some of them when I was younger. But the new leaders in the Green movement seem to be coming mostly from the generation after mine. Maybe they are people who grew up with the Green Party being a sustainable ongoing political force, rather than a newly emerging parliamentary party?  Maybe the evidence supporting the Green cause is becoming even more compelling for young students and young adults? Anyway, the best example of this new generation is soon-to-be MP Gareth Hughes. I’m delighted he’s got the chance – he’s one of the most positive and optimistic people I’ve met, he’s studied and learned from many of the current and former Green MPs and he also genuinely wants to be an MP because he to make a difference. I’m pretty sure he’s going to make a difference. Good luck Gareth and welcome back to Wellington!

1 thought on “Congrats to Gareth Hughes

  1. Yep, seconded 🙂

    Have my diary booked for Jeanette’s valedictory, with the pencil hovering for Gareth’s maiden speech. I’m sure the Gallery will be under pressure for both events, so I guess all of those who wish to attend should get in early …

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