Prince William takes a shit

Reliable sources reveal that Prince William took a shit at Prime Minister John Key’s house last night.

After cooking some meat for fellow guests, who included All Black captain Richie McCaw and singer Hayley Westenra, the Prince was seen going into the house, where he remained for about 10 minutes before rejoining the barbecue.

One barbecue guest, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed that the Prince had likely taken a shit.

“The lavatory had a distinctly Royal odour to it shortly after the Prince rejoined the barbecue,” the guest stated. “I am certain that a Royal defaecation occurred”.

However, Professor Noel Cox, who chairs Monarchy New Zealand, said he thought it unlikely there was a Royal defaecation at the Prime Minister’s house. “It’s very well known that Royal faeces have no odour. The Prince probably just left the barbecue to urinate. What the guest smelt was very likely deposited by a commoner, and possibly by the Prime Minister himself.”

The Prime Minister refused to confirm whether the Prince had taken a shit at his house. “It doesn’t really bother me one way or the other,” Mr Key said. “I’m pretty relaxed about it.”


8 thoughts on “Prince William takes a shit

  1. He might have gone inside for a line of coke – it’s pretty popular among the circles he moves in.

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  3. Toad!
    Boarding-school potty humour!
    I though we saw the last of that when Wills’ Uncle Eddy was a house-master at Wnaganui Collegiate, but no 🙂

    Something about royalty seems to encourage scatology, must be the backwash from centuries of patronising colonising behaviour…. 😉

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