Wassup with the VUW School of Gender & Women’s Studies?

Most of you know I’m currently an academic feminist.

If it had been up to the VUW Academic Board, this would not be so.
At long last, Dr Lesley Hall has been confirmed in her position for another year, and the undergraduate papers in the School of Gender & Women’s Studies (GWS) will remain.

Great news, I hear you say.
Well, yes, but not for the mass of undergraduates who have been trying to enrol in papers that have not shown on the VUW enrolement website, nor have they been confirmed in any on or offline prospectuses so far.

It is a travesty of education policy to arbitrarily choose from one academic year to next whether courses will be continued, as the VUW Council have been wont to do with GWS over the past few enrolement seasons.
“Oh noes, we have falling enrolements, we must cut courses”, they say, when their late approval of courses has contributed to uncertainty about course provision – along with the mega-PR campaign encouraging undergrad students to enrol early online, where the courses don’t show.

So, if you, or anyone you know, had intended to take a Gend paper this coming academic year, jump back on the website and dump that Accy or Eng paper you chose instead, and create a huge paper trail of grumpy feminist students who want their courses back!

Rant over.

Tonite, and tomorrow afternoon, some students are graduating with majors in GWS, including (soon to be) Dr Alison Hopkins.
I shall be joining the other post-grad students in progress to congratulate Alison and the others, at our School pre-grad morning tea, then joining the procession in Lambton Quay as a ‘sidewalk photographer’ to record the achievements of those of my peers who have finished theses despite the distinctly unwelcome air we have studied in, as Fac Ed and FHSS fight over the living, breathing bodies of our postgrad students.
But I’ll save the ongoings of that argument for another post!

Here’s something pretty from back in 2008, when we first started complaining about the cuts to facilities for GWS.

2008 protest poster

2008 protest poster

5 thoughts on “Wassup with the VUW School of Gender & Women’s Studies?

  1. Fab post K,

    May your anarchic shadow never diminish.

    Your discordant voice is what many others will be listening for. I know I would be if I were a new student. Keep on keeping on!

    Alison x

  2. Hi, I am a young feminist too, but from Romania and I intend to come for a MA in GWS at VUW. Can you provide me with some materials and some references? It would be great for me to have a point to compare my studies with yours to know my level of knowledge.

    Thank you!

    my email adress is andreea.molocea@gmail.com

  3. Hi Martin, thanks for that. 🙂

    Kinda surprised to see it pop up on a post from three years ago, but that’s life, I guess.
    I’ve stood back from any comment on the Aussie elections, as I have friends who are actually there who have said much more pertinently than I could, similar to the thoughts you express in your cartoon.

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