John Banks defending democracy?

Crazy as it seems, even John Banks is against the ridiculously high spending limit in the proposed electoral rules for the Auckland supercity.

I think it illustrates just how far-right Rodney’s supercity plans have gone that even John Banks can find fault with them.

3 thoughts on “John Banks defending democracy?

  1. He doesn’t want a high spending limit because he’s miles ahead on name recognition. That means, strangely enough, that in this case a low profile campaign would suit him.

  2. Oh, I was kinda expecting that would be the general thrust of why he was behind lower spending limits, I’m just amused to see John Banks campaigning for more democratic elections. 😉

  3. Thanks for noting that Ari, I’d have completely missed it, lol.

    Kinda wierd to find myself agreeing with Banks on anything. The sky will fall, next …

    Auckland is starting to look like another planet already 😉

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