Dipton International Airport – where the excavators roar

coalactionnetworkStevedore posted this afternoon:

Dig up Fiordland for coal?
Why not? Afterall it seems to have helped Newcastle develop into the must-go tourist hotspot that it is today.

Seems that great minds think alike. Because I had an idea for a similar post. Except I had the graphic to the left lined up for mine.

Yes, Dipton. Given that you can’t really have lots of people living in a National Park, the ideal location for the administrative centre of operations would have to be Dipton. Dipton could become a real economic powerhouse.

Plenty of room for development. And just a short flight to get the miners to work.

Yes, a flight. From Dipton International Airport. The one that Bill English and the NZ Herald seem to think already exits:

Mr McCully liaised with Samoan and Tongan ministers yesterday while Mr English flew north from Dipton, in his Clutha-Southland electorate, back to Wellington.

Hey, and with an airport in Dipton, Bill could be home to his wife and kids within an hour and 15 minutes of leaving Parliament.

Oops, he already can. Walking to Karori!

BTW: The Dipton in the graphic is Dipton in Durham, United Kingdom – not Bill’s Dipton. But coal could be the common factor.

3 thoughts on “Dipton International Airport – where the excavators roar

  1. But isn’t there a lot of lignite much closer to Dipton than Fiordland.

    Maybe ining that is in the plan too.

  2. toadism is still alive I see.

    Why a notion for an international airport at Dipton when the flight is internal? Do helicopters need an airport?

    Dipton is less then an hours drive from Invercargill Airport.

    Really getting childish now toad.

    What happened about your toadisms against Rankin? Who will be next for toadisms?

    Collins, Bennett?

    Hey, Labour is in the gun for double dipping, will you be defending them as stoutly as you defended the Greens or attack them with your toadisms like you do National?

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