Who lives here?


There may be a small prize for anyone who can provide the correct answer. But you need to supply the evidence on the comments thread to verify it.

My decision as judge will be final, but I would suggest that some investigation is required, rather than supplying speculative answers.

Clue: I am disqualifying greenfly from participating, as he may be appointed the final arbiter on any decision.

23 thoughts on “Who lives here?

  1. Not valid answer. Read the post, especially the part about evidence.

    I don’t know the answer myself, so I need the evidence to convince me anyone has the correct answer.

  2. Well, the real answer should be Simon William English, because 179 English Road, Dipton West is apparently his main residence.

    However, according to Companies Office, Bill hasn’t lived at that address since the incorporation of his holding company, Resolution Farms Limited. The two addresses listed for Mary Agnes and Simon William English are 10 Monaghan Road and 111 Messines Road, both in Karori. Company was registered on 30/10/2006, and the change of address to Messines Road took place on 6/08/2007.

    See, I know these to be the correct residential addresses, because it’s against the law for a director or shareholder to provide any other address to Companies Office.

    Interestingly, Bill and Mary have failed to update their addresses as shareholders, and so are in breach of the law on that count.

    The jury must be out then, right?

  3. chris

    If you think an MP will be held accountable for incorrect company returns then you didn’t learn much during Labour’s rule.

  4. burt – David Parker was held accountable.

    Even though his company returns actually proved to be correct, he initially acknowledged that he thought they may not have been, and that he had maybe taken a shortcut that was not strictly lawful. Albeit a trivial one, and one that I will admit to having done some years ago myself.

    But he paid a penalty, even for that minor indiscretion – he never got back his treasured role as Attorney General, even though he was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.

    Several Ministers were stood down by Helen Clark during investigations into the propriety of their actions. They included Marian Hobbs and Phillida Bunkle, who were accused of pretty much the same rort as Bill English is accused of now.

    So why isn’t English similarly stood down as a Minister until the Auditor-General reports?

  5. toad

    I don’t know why English isn’t stood down – he should be. I also think he should be charged if he has broken the law – but will he be?

    I’m picking rather than being charged if the AG claims he has broken the law he will be retrospectively validated. Last time the AG alleged that MPs has broken the law the Green party voted in support of validating it. I wonder if they will do that again?

  6. burt, almost every party was alleged by the Auditor-General to have broken the law over the use of Parliamentary Service funding for election expenses.

    The only difference wa the extent of the use if that funding – Labour copped it big time, the other parties to a lesser extent.

    Andthat expenditure was on the basis of advice form Parliamentary Service – advice that the Auditor-General later decided was incorrect in law.

    National also had to deal with the sheer incompetence of its failing to realise its broadcasting expenses were GST inclusive and consequently spending more on broadcasting than it was permitted by law.

    But all parties, apart from NZFirst, eventually repaid the money overspent or wrongly spent.

    The legislation you refer to that the Green voted for was to validate what had happened in terms of public expenditure – but even though it was validated the Greens acknowledged their error, made on the advice of Parliamentary Service, and repaid the money concerned.

  7. toad

    Others did it too… Yes I know. The laws was confusing… Yes I know.

    So if Bill pays it back he has acknowledged his error and there will be no need to inconvenience the govt with a pesky court case. Hell they could even kill one off if it gets that far.

    Democracy in NZ eh… for the politicians by the politicians.

  8. They also say that a M and a S English both pay the phone bill at a Karori address.

    I guess that because she works in Wellington and raises the children there she does not spend much time at Bills primary residence (maybe he only stays in Wellington to be with the family).

  9. Toad – this is a tough one! Looks like a typical English manor, from the Sham District, but it’s very hard to tell through the blue smoke and mirroring that mar the image. Once those clear, we’ll get a better view, I’m sure.

  10. Sorry, greenfly. Best image the satellite could get.

    Don’t fancy you want a day trip a wee bit north, knock on the door, and see who answers, if anyone?

  11. but it’s very hard to tell through the blue smoke

    I hope the English settlers are not burning their gorse during the fire ban season.

    That would not set a good example to fellow Greens.

  12. Ha Gerrit! But it’s not from a minor gorse fire – that smoke’s from the bonfires that Helen Clark warned about.

  13. Seems that Bill is at pains to identify with Dipton as his home these days. A NZ Herald article on the Pacific tsunami last Thursday reported:

    Mr McCully liaised with Samoan and Tongan ministers yesterday while Mr English flew north from Dipton, in his Clutha-Southland electorate, back to Wellington.

    Now last time I was in Dipton, it didn’t have an airport. And I don’t think pork barrel politics in NZ is that bad that Bill would have managed to get one built for his personal use in the last 9 months.

    Bill would have flown from Invercargill. But I guess he just had to get into the story that he had been in Dipton.

  14. Remind me again the electorates MS Hobbs and Ms Bunkle were representing again when they had a spot of bother with housing assistance

  15. Greenfly,

    Just drawing parallels between a former Greens leader lighting fires during a fire ban and the toadism regarding Bill English.

    Never heard about Helen Clarks bonfires so presume they have historical significance.

  16. Looks like the Greens are in the firing line onm MP housing as well!

    METIRIA We made a mistake, we’re not happy about it, we fixed the rent in June to make sure that they were paying under market value from that point on, and we have refunded the money, I mean I agree mistakes are – you know they’re not a good look…


    Wonder if the toadism on Bill English will now cease or will toad turn on his owm party.

  17. Gerrit, the overcharging on the rent on oone of the Green Fund’s properties is an embarrassing mistake. But it is very different from the Bill English situation.

    Although I’m not privy to the detail, the mistake, presumably, was that when Catherine moved into the property Jeanette has rented for some years, whoever administers the Green Super Fund simply looked at what Parliamentary Service were paying for Jeanette’s rent and set Catherine’s rent at the same level without them or Jeanette or Catherine realising that this put the total rent Parliamentary Service were paying over the market rent for the property and therefore over the amount that could be legitimately claimed from Parliamentary Service.

    This is a far cry from what Bill English did, which was to actively arrange his personal affairs and those of his Family Trust in a manner that allowed him to claim almost double the amount he had been previously receiving (aside from the issue of whether English actually is an out of Wellington MP, and therefore entitled to claim anything at all in the first place).

    Second, Metiria admitted that there was a mistake made. Bill English still maintains that there was no mistake, and that he was entitled to receive what he did. He admits only to it not being “a good look”.

    Third, Metiria stated that the mistake was discovered re the rent on Jeanette’s and Catherine’s accommodation earlier this year before the Register of MPs expenses was made public. It was then rectified and the amount overpaid has subsequently been repaid. By contrast, Bill English had to be dragged kicking and screaming to repay anything, and only agreed to make repayments in response to mounting public outrage over his arrangements weeks after the publication of the Expenses Register revealed them.

  18. Spin it anyway you likem toad,

    They knew in June, did not pay the overcharges back till September and then only in secret.

    So much for transparency.

    Bill English is not off the hook by any stretch, I agree.

    But nor are the Greens.

  19. I agree that discovering it in June but not paying it back until September is pretty tardy Gerrit. And given the media focus on MPs expenses, the political risk in not repaying it as promptly as practicable should have been obvious.

    Metiria acknowledges in today’s Dom Post that it should have been repaid in June. I don’t think she’s offering any excuses for that.

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