This one goes out to the Minister of Finance

Poor Bill English has been getting a hard time lately. So I thought I’d post a song for him. The first one I thought of was Wilko Johnson’s Doctor Dupree. It’s got the Double D alliteration in the title (as in Double Dipton) and some really appropriate lines like:

You better jump before the blast.

But try as I did, Bill, I couldn’t find a decent quality video of it. So this one, also by Wilko Johnson, will have to do.

It’s called Sneaking Suspicion. Also rather appropriate, in the circumstances. And has anyone, ever, heard a guitar played like a percussion instrument in the way Wilko does on this.

Play it for Bill, Wilko!

3 thoughts on “This one goes out to the Minister of Finance

  1. Great song. Luv the line “The whole house was empty” – just like the one on Dipton. Or is it?

  2. felix -yes, Bo Diddley. I did forget about him. Very similar style.

    Checked out a bit more re Wilko – he doesn’t use a pick, which I guess makes it easier to interchange between rhythm and riffs. And he’s a natural southpaw, but plays right handed, using his best (left) hand on the frets.

    But playing percussive rhythm like that with no pick, I reckon he must get really sore fingers on his right hand.

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