10-20% Pure New Zealand

I recently found this great video on the Standard.

It raises a very good point that New Zealand’s inaction on climate change will damage our reputation and our international branding. This could have a big impact on our Tourism sector which represents almost 10% of our GDP, because it is branded on the 100% pure image.


4 thoughts on “10-20% Pure New Zealand

  1. Yes, because in the Standards world the fight against climate change means encouraging as many people as possible to fly halfway round the world for a weekend away.

  2. unaha-closp – don’t be so cynical!

    The Standard has a range of views expressed among its authors – there are those who are deeply Green in their perspective, and those who are on the rather dry side of Labour. Probably even some who don’t see a problem about how much or how often anyone flies.

    As for the Greens, who I suspect you are really targetting with your comment, there will be Greens going to Copenhagen, because they consider it is important. The vast majority of Greens accept using air travel for meetings that are important, and also for holidays for that matter. Just that we try to not be extravagant about it, because we acknowledge the climate impact of air travel.

    As with any political party, there are a diversity of views in the Greens on almost all issues. There are some (few) Greens who refuse to fly anywhere and think no-one else should.

    But to use that to stereotype Greens as Luddites is a misnomer. Most of us take a much more pragmatic point of view.

  3. toad,

    I am not targeting the Greens, it is important and beneficial to attend Copenhagen. It is a chance to learn something on the world stage.

    Merely find it ironic that the Standard is most concerned that climate change legislation might decrease the amount of Euros, Yanks and Japanese flying out here for few weeks holiday each year. If the ETS achieves that reduction, it is doing more for the enviroment than I’d give it credit for.

  4. In a situation like the one described all we see is the complete stagnation of a New Zealand industry which will have little impact on global emissions.

    Tourism consists a fairly small percentage of global emissions and tourism to New Zealand an even smaller pecentage. The main argument for New Zealand taking action on climate change is an economic one. We can’t save the planet but we can save our businesses which are branded on our 100% Pure image.

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