Down and dirty in the Upper Waitaki basin

The Otago Daily Times reports:

Dairying in the upper Waitaki basin is set for a massive boost, with the possibility of 22,530 more cows on up to 19 dairy farms between Lake Ohau and Omarama.

Six consent applications have been filed with Environment Canterbury (ECan) for dairy effluent discharges, including two for big developments each with 7000 cows.

Three of the applications are for 16 stand-alone dairy farms with a total of 17,850 cows.

Those three applications also propose cows be housed in cubicle barns during winter and part of the summer, milking up to 300 days a year.

Some applications are linked to the growing demand for irrigation water in the upper Waitaki and Mackenzie basins.

This is about as environmentally irresponsible as you can get. The area concerned is one of the most arid in the country. So they propose to draw off water in irrigation projects and pour cow shit and piss back into the waterways in return.

It’s also infested with rabbits. So there will be, no doubt, renewed calls for deployment of 1080 poison to stop the rabbits competing for pasture with the dairy cows.

And cubicle barns to house the cows in winter and “parts” of summer. Glad I’m not a cow.


Hat Tip: No Right Turn


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