Fierce ol’ Goff

We just received the Phil Goff leaflet in our mail today.  Is this old news and has it already been over-analysed by the NZ blogging community? If so apologies for repetition.

In it he notes that he spent seven seasons in a freezing works – the only employment he chooses to list.  That seems quite different from his official biography on the parliament website, which lists his career as a lecturer. Is being an academic really that embarrassing?

But the bit I found really odd was this paragraph:

“Later, I was proud to be part of a Labour government that cared about jobs for everyone, health care and our kids education, and that led the world with our nuclear-free legislation.”

Nuclear free legislation? He’s referring to a government singular. So the government that he is referring to proudly is the 1984-90 one?  That would certainly explain his repetitious use of the word ‘fierce’ in the rest of the leaflet.

And the final thing – which kind of relates to harking back fondly to a government in the 1980s – is that every single person in the leaflet’s photos is grey-haired.  That will, I assume have been a deliberate choice.  Now I like the fact that here, finally, is a piece of advertising that respects older people. But it does leave me wondering who Goff and his advisers have identified as his target audience. Is someone finally trying to mop up the last of the NZ First vote? Or has he just decided he can’t out-youth Key and his pacific hip hop posse?


3 thoughts on “Fierce ol’ Goff

  1. Fair point, although I wasn’t talking about the age of the caucus but the way the party chooses to portray itself. For instance, normally you’d expect such a leaflet to have a picture of a kid in it. Goff is hoping his backward looking reminiscences will beat Key’s forward looking ‘ambition’.

  2. stevedore said: So the government that he is referring to proudly is the 1984-90 one?

    I was even more disturbed the this apparently proud reference to the 1984-90 Labour Government by Goff a couple of weeks ago:

    The policies were regarded as radical but were actually pretty orthodox in terms of Western economic policy.

    It was Sor Robert Muldoon’s policies of a command economy, controlled wages, prices, interest rates, rents and massive subsidisation and regulation that were out of step with the rest of the world.

    Now, I’m not defending Muldoonism, but Goff appears to be arguing that Muldoon left us with no alternative, and that Douglas and Prebble did exactly what most other Western economies were doing.

    That is an economic myth. The neo-liberal reforms in the New Zealand were far more extreme that economic deregulation in any otehr democratic country. We only need to look across the Tasman for evidence of one country that did not go to the deregualtory extremes New Zealand did (and performed far better economically than New Zealand did over that period).

    It is worrying that Goff appears to show no remorse for the pain inflicted on New Zealanders by he and his colleagues in the late 1980s.

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