Don Brash – back in the saddle

Well, good on you Don, a great appointment by your mates, even though your idea of productivity is to lay off workers, cut wages, and privatise public assets.

Never mind Don. It doesn’t matter how immoral you are in the public eye. Because you’re not a politician any more, so it doesn’t matter to you – nothing to lose.

And, Don, guess you’re calling all the shots – like a loaded gun:

Oh dear, Don Brash has been appointed to head the Productivity Commission! Shit happens.

[Apologies to Steve Tyler (Liv Tyler’s dad, for younger readers) and Joe Perry who wrote this song. They would not have wanted it to be interpreted the brash way I have].


15 thoughts on “Don Brash – back in the saddle

  1. Actually, I love everybody – even malicious little neocons like Brash and (I presume) you Toeadeater.

    That’s the problem with people like you. Someone who was not Green would just want to give you the bash.

    Tempting as it is, and it is the way the far right has operated, it is not the Green way of doing things.

    Open your mind, Toadeater, and be prepared to be persuaded by strength of Green arguments.

    It would be sad to be a bigot all your life.

  2. Toad

    Do you hit the bottle regularly?

    Your comment on Brash on kiwiblog then here calling calling one of your very few commenters a bigot is crazy!!
    FFS realise who is the bigot.

  3. Perhaps toad you could explain how we can increase productivity to a point where we can actually afford to have 1.5 tax payers to 1 tax recipient.

    As explained so well here

    Now you may not like Brash (about as much as you like Rankin) but how about addressing the issue of productivity. What would you (or more impotantly) the Green party do to lessen the burden on the tax payer to carry this unweildly load of blood suckers.

    At least this taskforce is a better investment to the future of New Zealand than that DOL overlord panel and their non technical reports.

    Hopefully we will get a good narative from the Greens on how they will address the issue of non productivity.

    Instead of more toadism such this.

  4. “good on you Don, a great appointment by your mates” – did you use a like phrase when Cullen got appointed to NZ Post?

  5. Toad is correct calling Brash for what he is. Is anyone expecting him to come up with some ‘surprisingly liberal and humane’ suggestions? Fat chance.

  6. Okay, fair enough, maybe I should have provided some evidence, rather than just assume everyone knows how extremist Brash is.

    How about this then:

    “We will not achieve a radical improvement in our economic growth rate while we have to provide income support to more than 350,000 people of working age,” he says.

    Brash says consideration should be given to dropping payments to able-bodied workers, placing a time limit on benefits, scrapping the minimum wage and raising the age limit for superannuation.

  7. toad,

    That is more like it, attack the policy, not the man.

    Now what is the Green party policy?

    Borrow from our children?

    At least National is trying to balance the books and increase productivity, the Greens new wave is all about borrowing and extra taxation.

    Well the tax payers pocket is empty so look for alternatives.

    How will the Greens turn tax recipients into tax payers?

  8. Good commentary here by Gordon Campbell on Brash’s appointment.

    Oh, and Gerrit, it is actually Labour and National policies that borrow from our children because they externalise the environmental cost of business.

    And I think you’ve referred to the Green New Deal either here or on frogblog, so I presume the rest of your question is rhetorical.

  9. The Green New deal is funded how toad? Not much in the way of a budget in your link.

    Lot of borrowing, not much in the way of a balanced budget.

    So the green p[olicy is no better then the National/Labour one!!

  10. Gerrit, the Green New Deal has some merits, but when you are never ever going to be the main party forming a government, you can say whatever you want and know with certainty that you will never actually have to back up what you say with results.

    That is why Toad et al can throw up their ideas every other month, grab a story or two in the inner pages and then go back to their tax payer funded holes.

  11. Luke says: “The Green New Deal has some merits”

    Thanks Luke. It sure does.

    When you say,
    “when you are never ever going to be the main party forming a government, you can say whatever you want etc.”
    I presume you think the same of Act and the Maori Party?

  12. greenfly- yes I do, but to a lesser degree as they are coalition partners. The Green party goes to great lengths to remind us that they were only confidence and supply partners for the Labour, a different standard has to be applied to parties in government

  13. Perhaps this article in the Herald explains it better then most why we are in strife.

    Non-tradeable sector up 15%

    Tradeable sector down 10%

    When will we face up to the fact we are living beyond our means?

    Round 2 of rogernomics now absolutely will happen.

    And no doubt there will be teeth gnashing galore over what would have been a totally preventable occurance. No thanks to Labour and Cullen and their fiscal irresponsibilty.

    Making as many people depended upon the state (WFF) in the hope that they would continue to vote for and expand the socialist system was just plain dumb.

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