Whale Oil Beamer Lingerer

This one’s for Whale Oil, who hit the MSM headlines over the weekend:

Whale Oil (aka Cameron Slater) reveals in the Sunday Star-Times:

Slater found his after the collapse of the security systems company, of which he owned 49%, in 2004 amid rancour with his business partner. The failure ruined Slater financially he had to sell his second home to pay the IRD socially, and eventually, psychologically. The depression he had battled for years became disabling.

As a result, he is unable to work. Because he had income protection insurance, he now receives 75% of his former salary.

Okay, so Whale, you’ve been 5 years out of work. So why do you, and the lowlifes who comment on your comments thread, denigrate people who are unemployed?

Just because you had the good fortune to have income protection insurance doesn’t put you in any greater moral position than those who could not afford it and ended up on the dole or sickness benefit.

And maybe it is time, Whale, for you to be subjected to an independent audit of your entitlement, as the National Party proposes for all sickness beneficiaries. I’m sure your insurance company would welcome that, just as Work and Income does for beneficiaries.

You could even allow me – as someone who worked as an advocate for ACC claimants and beneficiaries for many years – to nominate an independent doctor. I know all the right ones to move you on quickly.

One of the Devonport Doctors (ex-Navy), perhaps?

96 thoughts on “Whale Oil Beamer Lingerer

  1. A couple of things you need to know.

    1. I am not unemployed, i paid good money out of my pocket and thus am not a burden on the state. I entered a commercial and contractual arrangement with my insurer.
    2.It wasn’t good fortune, it was good planning you idiot.
    3.I am subjected to an independent audit quite frequently actually, including barrages of tests and multiple doctors. I don’t need nor appreciate fuckers like you second guessing some of the best doctors in the land.
    4.Get fucked you nasty piece of work.

  2. Ouch Blubber Boy, did the insurance policy come with an anger management clause? No, piss poor planning then.

  3. Whaleoil said: I am not unemployed, i paid good money out of my pocket and thus am not a burden on the state.


    Doesn’t make you any different from anyone else out of work Whale, except you had the money to pay for private insurance (rather than relying on the State’s social insurance)so now you have a better better payout.

    Get real. You’re still unemployed. Back in the early 90’s, when I was myself unemployed, I met a lot of dorks who claimed they were “between jobs”. I then was, and said I was, unemployed too. They would not use the term.

    There is no embarrasment in it Whale. Oh, suppose there may when you come form a staunch Nat famly and it’s been going on for 5 years now!

  4. Sorry Toad, but I’d bet Whale’s insurer’s checks are much more thorough than any that ACC do.

    Oh, and thanks for acknowledging that private insurance has a much better payout than the government.

    Maybe if the government didn’t take so much tax off everyone, then more people (like me) would be able to afford private insurance.

  5. Altruist said: that was a really shit thing to write toad. you’ve reached new lows

    Hey, this is the sort of crap Whale writes about other people all the time Altruist.

    Go look at the Pearl Going blogs if you really want to see people writing shit. Going may be a bit economical with the truth, but none of that deserves what Whale has done to her, even though I, like he, despises the celebrity culture.

    At least I stuck to the facts as published from Whale’s MSM interview.

  6. So I’m a free-loader if I make a claim on my car insurance after an accident? Spent too much time in the pond Toad.

  7. We didn’t insure because we had excess cash lying around.We didn’t insure because we could afford to. We insured because we knew how vulnerable we were if the major breadwinner was ever unable to work. We went without other things in order to BUY that peace of mind. We hoped we would never ever need it.
    When we were in Aussie it was compulsory to have medical insurance. Within months of moving there I found myself in an ambulance with a baby and a toddler.If you haven’t got insurance GET IT NOW.

  8. There is a HUGE moral difference between taking private insurance and accepting the dole. In one case, you have entered into a voluntary arrangement which is beneficial for you as the recipient, and for other contributors. In the other, you take money which has been forcibly extracted from other people in the form of tax.

    Your attitude towards depression and mental illness is disgusting – as if it is not a “real” illness and the thousands of people swindling benefits out of the government are more worthy of assistance. Private insurers, unlike the government, have corporate incentives to make sure that they only pay out when they are 100% sure that payment is required by contract. This results in remarkably accurate audits and medical reports.

    It’s probable that if a Green blogger was on the unemployment benefit he’d be somehow worthy of support. Just another manifestation of the left’s distaste for anything private

  9. Toad, you just will not see the difference between private sector “voluntary contracts” and state sector compulsion.
    That is the difference between being a good bludging and good planning.


  10. Toad, whilst your dislike or jealousy of WO is your business and your right, your critism of his taking insurance to provide shows a level of misunderstanding. And as one who helps communities I find your comment on someone for helping himself and the state at the sametime rather disgusting. It suggests that you are a gutless piece of shit. Happy to repeat that to your face – you have the email address above so just say the word if you want my veiw in person. Coward

  11. Tough one to justify, Toad. I think WO is in a morally justified position.

    As someone else has pointed out – Buy a car, insure it, have an accident, get a payout for 75% of the value of the car.


    Buy a car, have an accident, expect someone to pay for a new car.

    Very different circumstances.

    Admirable how you guys generally vilify the large greedy insurance companies and now also their greedy customers. Not sure that is consistant.

    It also smacks a bit of hypocracy from your end – Don’t judge people on their mental illness*

    *Unless it’s Whaleoil and he’s probably not mentally ill. He’s probably just faking it.

  12. Very cowardly and childish of you toad to have a go at mental illness and at someone who had the foresight to pay for income protection insurance.

    But at least you’re predictably consistent.

  13. And toad,

    Will you be doing a full reveal on that other “bludger” PhilU?

    Or because he is of “green” persuasion it is OK him sucking on the tax payers teat.

    You have reached a new depth toad, bad karma.

  14. Mind you toad, you have me thinking.

    If private income insurance is that good, maybe the government should take out contracts with the private insurance providers to cover the unemployed.

    Same as they would do with the ACC.

    Hey, we are on a winner here.

    Privatisation is the answer.

  15. Hey, RV, J Mex & Olaf, I’m not having a go at Whale because of his mental illness and I’m not claiming it is not genuine. If you knew me, you would know that I’ve spent a lot of time (paid and unpaid) supporting people with mental illness – both practically and politically.

    You miss my point completely.

    The reason I’m having a go at Whale is because of his hypocrisy – because he frequently rants on about “bludgers” and it turns out that he himself hasn’t worked for five years.

    Gerrit – with reference to your question re PhilU, I have no reason to believe either he or Whale is receiving anything they are not lawfully entitled to receive. But at least I haven’t heard PhilU attack others as “bludgers”.

  16. Feck what a vile little post ………. just goes to prove that those on the left can be just as vile as those on the right ………. you appear to be sad, jealous, hateful twerp toad…. not sure if that’s the look you were going for ?

  17. Toad

    As a lowlife, I feel compelled to point out you are now deliberately missing the point.

    What happened to you Toad?

    It’s all anger and easy labels now is it?

    Perhaps time for a blogging hiatus and get some perspective on what is constructive?

  18. Best you answer then how whaleoil is a bludger if he had the foresight to take out insurance to cover potential problems.

    That is not bludging of anyone.

    So he is entitled to slag of bludgers.

    No, I cant recall PhilU ever putting down bludgers, so I apologise for getting that wrong.

    Still a nasty piece of a post on your part toad, and well below my estimation of your capabilities.

    gblog is getting to be a real hate blog.

    Peace and love gone out the window?

  19. Toad knows an “independent” doctor who would make the correct assessment. Maybe another of Toad’s “independent” doctors can peer review. The science is pre determined, a mere formality tooled to fit Toad’s agenda. This is done without a second thought.

    In these few paragraphs illustrates everything you need to know about the left.

  20. Ratty is right, it is a vile little post. So to sum up so far:

    1. WO has a mental illness for which he justly recieves insurance pay outs.
    2. Toad correctly maintains that WO is unemployed, (if not registered and drawing benefit).
    3. Everybody is jumping down Toads throat because he points out correctly that WOs attacks on Pearl Going are nasty.
    4. Nobody backing WO has considered whether backing a man who admits to mental illness and who fairly draws insurance for mental illness is behaving in a non injurious manner to other people such as Pearl Going.

    Good luck, this blog is too full of nutters, I wont blacken your narrow little minds any further.

  21. Simon, the “independent” doctors to whom I am referring are those whom ACC uses to get “troublesome” claimants off weekly compensation.

    I’m not saying they are overtly corrupt – just that if ACC or private insurers are paying them to do the assessments, and much of their income comes from those sources, there is a subconscious tendency to deliver the results that ACC or the insurer wants in cases that are not clear cut.

  22. Toad, the reason I said this was a shit thing for you to write is that prior to this I had assigned you mores and values much higher than Slater. I didn’t think he got under your skin so much that you would feel the need to attack him personally. That’s his m-o, not yours (I thought).

  23. So if WO’s business had been a huge sucess and he made millions and retired to spend it, is that classified as unemployed?

    Bludging is taking from others without ever returning, that’s not the “social contract”.

    Insurance is a contract to cover the unexpected.

  24. toad,

    you still havent answered who he is bludging from.

    Not the state by the looks.

    So how can he be hypocritical?

  25. Gerrit, I didn’t suggest Whale is “bludging” from anyone. In fact I’ve never used the term “bludger” in relation to anyone in my entire life.

    The hypocrisy is that Whale calls those who are unemployed and forced to rely on state assistance “bludgers” while he, also unemployed and apparently unemployable, somehow sees himself as being in some different category because he had income protection insurance.

  26. He is in a different position toad,

    He took responsibilty for himself by taking out insurance on loss of earnings.


    Now compare that to the majority of the unemployed or the sick. Did they take responsibilty for their own future? No sir, they did not, relying instead on us remaining tax payers.

    So his moral position is on the high ground.

    And yes, as a self employed person I too have income protection insurance. I hope I never have to cash it in, but if I do, I will be morally in a better position than those who squandered their income on not protecting themselves for the future.

  27. I don’t understand why an ugly fat bastard like Whale (Cameron) is stalking a slim young beautiful girl like Pearl Going. Perhaps he is jealous of Pearl’s looks, because he is an ugly fat slug.

    [Toad: I know this is a somewhat provocative post, but let’s try to not descend to the language standard of Whale’s blog. Calling someone an “ugly fat slug” doesn’t help your argument, even though I agree with the sentiment you are expressing TBO.]

  28. Slater is unemployed, and has been for some years. The facts annoy some people, don’t they.

  29. I’m not self employed, but I have income protection insurance. You’d be mad (can I say that) not to, these days…

    Toad is missing the point by refusing to admit he knows what “bludger” means.
    “And what is our welfare system and ACC if they are not social insurance Sicko?”
    Social insurance is just a euphemism for welfare state.

  30. The term social contract is a fallacy.

    “Contract” implies that both parties enter the negotiations voluntarily.

    I never consented to the “income protection policy” you are calling the “dole.”

    Call taxation by it real name THEFT.


  31. Awesome article Toad. Don’t listen to the Kiwiblog and Whale Oil trash coming here to abuse you.

    Whale Oil picks on the weak when it suits him. Then tries to look like a victim when he’s in the firing line. What a joke!

  32. Hey Toad, you are a total wanker. you think the state must pay for everything. At least WO showed he has responsibility for himself.
    BTW why are world tempertures falling, it is cold but CO2 has increased. Also, WO says who he is, does not hide behind a newt.

  33. Slater is still a drag on his insurance company’s shareholders. He will have received much more than he paid.

    Ever wonder why premiums are so high?

    Toad knows what bludger means alright.

  34. Has someone noted the fact that everytime the insurance companies pay out insurance wily nilly, there is an instant rise in the amount of premiums the other customers are paying. I do not think the insurance comapnies are the only one contributing to the payout, all their other customers are as well. Seems similar to tax we pay, which goes to social welfare.

  35. Let me help you Toad

    The term bludger can and should be applied to almost all DPB recipients, long term dole recipients and a large portion of sickness and invalids recipients.

    Of course Whale is in a different category to all those who steal from the tax payer, he took precautions (similar precautions most of our DPB recipients should have taken)

  36. Toad – you stepped on a slater and all sorts of vile puss has spilled out. Toads, as we all know, have venomous glands of their own, but only employ them when under stress or attack. Don’t bite one on the neck,unless you enjoy fibrillation.

  37. This is the first time I have looked at this blog, and will probably be the last. What a load of ranting. In terms of “bludging” and “unemployment” WINZ itself defines unemployment as “not currently employed, and actively looking for work”…. which those on the unemployment benefit are supposed to be doing – actively looking. If this is the case then WO is more aligned to someone in retirement than unemployment, since his doctor has confirmed that he is not n a position to “actively seek work”. I say good on WO for having the foresight to obtain insurance, however, having said that – I don’t think we should begrudge those who are in need of the sickness benefit either. Being a dole bludger is one thing, having a need for assistance due to health is something completely different.
    In a side note, I know Pearl Going, although she was Sian when I knew her in Dunedin. She has the ability to tell an extraordinary amount of ‘stories’, and a strong desire to be a socialite. All WO has done, whether he likes it or not, is help her to achieve this.

  38. From my perspective both toad and Whale are corect. But that doesn’t make either of them right.

    Whale is correct, it’s ridiculous to compare income protection insurance with a sickness benefit. The taxpayer isn’t burdened with the former – an insurance company took a gamble and, in this case, lost. If they have an issue, it’s with their actuaries.

    Whale paid good money (*very* good money I suspect – it ain’t cheap) for them to take that gamble and he has every right to his entitlement. Nor is he answerable to anyone but that company as to whether he remains entitled.

    toad is also correct. It’s hypocritical to attack beneficiaries who couldn’t afford income protection insurance but who are now equally entitled to the support they are receiving, albeit from a different source. That the source of Whale’s support isn’t the taxpayer does not alter that one iota. In a civilised society, the sick and the infirm deserve a reasonable standard of living.

    OTOH, to stoop to suggesting that anyone gennuinely deserving of such assistance – whether it be insurance or a benefit – is a malingerer is beneath contempt. It’s the kind of baseless prejudice I’d expect from the slightly deranged on talkback radio. Or their callers.

    FWIW my attitude to taxpayer-provided benefits of any sort is that stringent tests should be used to weed out the unentitled, and the savings redistributed amongst the deserving.

  39. Hear hear. Yes it is about making sure that those who genuinely need it, get it.
    My brother is intellectually handicapped and WO and I both believe that he should have gold plated coverage.
    Able bodied and able minded people on the dole however should be strongly encouraged and assisted into work.If after X amount of time they haven’t found a job then they should have to do volunteer work for XX amount of hours a day for a registered charity in order to continue receiving the dole. or some similar work for the dole set up.That is not a punishment for not succeeding in getting a job but a measure to prevent them losing the 9-5 work ethic and the loss of motivation that comes with not being actively involved in something every day.

  40. “And what is our welfare system and ACC if they are not social insurance?”


  41. Juana, I was with you until you got to the “If after X amount of time they haven’t found a job then they should have to do volunteer work for XX amount of hours a day for a registered charity in order to continue receiving the dole.” bit.

    For a start, that is a contradiction in terms. It can’t be “volunteer” work if you are forced to do it aor you lose the dole. That’s more akin to slave labour.

    My other point about that sort of regime, and it was tried in the 90s, is that it destroys real jobs, because employers can get forced “volunteers” to do them. Even National, after championing that approach when Brash was leading them, have backed away from it.

    What’s more, the evidence was that it resulted in unemployed people finding real work slower, rather than quicker.

  42. ‘Slave labour’ is gross hyperbole.
    What socialists simply do not GET is that self esteem erodes very quickly after months of idleness. I said registered CHARITY not employer. Giving back is a win win situation. Really it is NOT volunteer work it is PAID work as they would be working for the dole. If they don’t like that then they will be motivated to get a REAL job that pays more which is the WHOLE idea.
    Generations of people have been on the dole. The cycle has to be broken. Motivation IS needed as there are people who choose to live in poverty on the dole.

  43. Wow… What an incredible pile of stereotypes, invective and incomprehensible bullshit!

    The problem here is that WO regularly pushes the barrow that people on the dole are bludgers. OK… that’s a bit unfair of him and not at all close to the truth for many of them, but it is true of SOME of them.

    So not a real big thing… Toad is describing the fact of WO being unemployed. Which IS true, as being no different from people on the dole being unemployed. This is also true.

    The difference that appears to cause the dispute is that WO was able to get income insurance before that happened and has a good payout from the insurance folks.

    Toad reckons that this makes his comments about dole “bludgers” hypocritical. A matter of opinion.

    In the original post, Toad does not describe any reason why WO is disabled. Discussion of this is irrelevant.

    The question appears to be whether someone who, having next to nothing, decides not to pay money he doesn’t have to insure against losing what little he earns, is in any different position morally than WO happens to be in should some misfortune strike.

    I say no.

    The invective is supremely un-useful. Those of you who resort to it should consider what it says about your ability to actually think of something useful to say.


  44. BJ,

    Toad said “Just because you had the good fortune to have income protection insurance doesn’t put you in any greater moral position”

    Toad specified the moral angle and got shot down in flames for it.

    WO did not claim the moral high ground (though I think he has it).

    Toad went onto saying something completely useless by suggesting privately funded WO should be auditted just like the public (tax payer) funded benificiaries.

    So we have to watch our ability to say something useful but toad can be uselessly proposing that a private arrangement between WO and his insurance company should somehow end up being auditted by a public organisation.

    More hypocracy?

  45. The great joke, of course, is that Whale’s business failed due to his spectacular mismanagement. This is fact.

    I am amused that we live in an age in which the truly incompetent are protected from the consequences of their incompetence.

  46. No that is NOT fact.
    Wo had a 49% shareholding which he found out the hard way meant he could not stop the majority shareholder from doing a number of things that directly led to the demise of the company.One of these things was he sold an investment property that was being used as collateral for a company loan which left WO’s and my investment properties holding the bag. The loan was called in because of what he did which caused the company to be sold at a fire sale.

  47. “It can’t be “volunteer” work if you are forced to do it or you lose the dole. That’s more akin to slave labour.”

    I’d have thought the answer to that was simple.

    Are they being asked to work for an organisation which is a registered not-for-profit charity or whose aims and objects are primarily charitable?* Then it seems reasonable. And priority should be given to those organisations which can offer a training component along with the work.

    Are they to be employed at McDonalds? Then no. Then, they’re slave labour.

    My experience of working alongside people on work-for-the-dole schemes is that if they feel they’re doing “real” work which benefits the community they’re reasonably happy. Some are even positively enthusiastic. If there’s some training involved many will fight for the chance.

    OTOH I’ve been in the position of being told I could take my postgrad qualification and go cut scrub if I wanted to retain my dole entitlement – cutting down the time I could spend applying for real jobs. Not calculated to win a lot of support, other than from the talkback crowd.

    * an example in this latter category – which comes to mind because I’ve worked for it alongside work-for-the-dole people, is community TV, which is generally not a charity becasue it can sell limited ads, but essentially exists to do good for the community.

  48. I don’t know why people object to the fact that the dole is unemployment insurance. It’s just compulsory insurance. The fact that the state provides it is neither here nor there. Many countries make having car insurance compulsory, even though it is privately provided. The only reason compulsory unemployment insurance isn’t provided privately is that it is cheaper for the state to do it.

    An ordinary citizen who pays his or her taxes and then ends up collecting the dole or a sickness benefit while unemployed is no different to Slater, except they get paid less.

  49. “I don’t know why people object to the fact that the dole is unemployment insurance. It’s just compulsory insurance. The fact that the state provides it is neither here nor there. Many countries make having car insurance compulsory, even though it is privately provided. The only reason compulsory unemployment insurance isn’t provided privately is that it is cheaper for the state to do it.”

    The point you miss is that people are FORCED to pay for the Welfare State and thats wrong…end of story.Its a violation of their rights to liberty and property.The money taken is THEIRS and no one e4lses…it is the transferable form of the time and effort they invested to attain it.To steal it is to stael part of their lives….its on a moral par with murder and rape.

    Welfare should be by private voluntary donation….thats moral and just…..and practicle too as State welfare is inefficent and creates all kinds of destrutive incentives and outcomes.

  50. James, I have a question for those who take the extreme libertarian “taxation is theft” position you have.

    Who is responsible for providing the care and income support for an adult who is sufficiently congenitally impaired that he or she has never been able to work and never been able to get disability insurance?

    The parents, perhaps (anticipating a response)? Well, what about after they are dead?

  51. ‘Nice knowing you Toad. it’s all over for you…’
    Sinister, vieled threats like this were once intolerable and considered in similar vein to the cowardly actions of the likes of arsonists and vandals.
    Viewing the reaction to this post makes one wonder how much longer this country can portray itself as a ‘liberal democracy’. There seems to be a preponderance of ‘red-necked’, egotistic and just plain simplistic thinking. One can justifiably lament what used to be.
    The dream that we as a people can meet the challenges that the world seems to be throwing at us is fast becoming purely illusory.

  52. “Toad declared extinct as result of stepping on slater” – more air-headed prophesy from Clint at 6!

  53. Whale, tell us what the reasnon is for your feeble attack blogs on Pearl Going.

    Is it because she wouldnt sleep with you.

  54. Lady P for PEARL

    It is because you are such a liar Pearl and because you threaten those who expose your lies.You have used lawyers and now even the police to try to shut WO down.
    WO has produced FACT after FACT proving you to be one of the biggest liars in NZ and you don’t like it one little bit.
    Close up wanted to interview you both in a head to head and he said YES and you said NO.
    WHY? Because you knew that his cold hard facts one after the other would expose you for the serial liar that you are.
    You are SICK and need help.
    I was here when WO spoke to you on the phone ages ago. He was kind and reasonable and said he would leave you alone online and that you should get on with your life and stop making up stories. Did you listen and learn? No you had his website attacked and taken down. Now you wonder why he has got it in for you????

  55. Juana, I am not Pearl Going. Honest. I just feel sorry for the way WhaleOil has treated her. What has she ever done to piss him off so he blogs all that crap about her.

  56. What I don’t get, Juana, is why Whale has attacked just Pearl Going. From what I’ve read, he’s only ever spoken to her once.

    I feel a bit strange defending her. I normally have no time for wannabe celebrities. Personally, I prefer the company of strong feminist women. And I’ve never met or spoken with Pearl. She could be the bimbo from hell. She could also be a lovely but misunderstood woman. I just don’t know.

    But I really think Whale’s (and now your in comment above) attack on Pearl is unfair, and I don’t understand why you are singling her out.

    There have to be hundreds of wannabe celebrities out there who are a bit economical with the truth about their background. Why are you picking on just one of them and making her life hell?

  57. Oh, BTW, Juana, Lady Penelope is not Pearl Going.

    Lady P is an occasional, but longstanding, commenter on g.blog and a Green Party member – I know her real identity.

  58. Ok since Toad says so but why are you still asking WHY?
    I spelt it out for you in black and white.

  59. A bit economical???? that’s like saying I am being a bit economical with the truth when I say that WO is a card carrying labour party member.
    I am wasting my time on here. You guys aren’t interested in the TRUTH anymore than Pearl is.

  60. When people put lawyers and the police onto you I guess you guys just lie down, lift your legs in the air, and take on for the team.

    I do not.

    She has cost me time and money, I will not take her shit, she will learn to tell the truth.

  61. Please tell us who you are insured with, cause I dont want to be paying for the bludging of a fat whiney criminal just because he is packing a sad and does feel like getting off his arse and getting a job.

  62. Whale, why did you post the blogs re Pearl Going in the first place?

    Why should I trust your version any more than hers?

    I personally don’t like what either of you or Pearl stand for, but I do think you are being unfair to her with your blogs posting allegations of lying without posting verification of the alleged lies, and she is probably justified in seeking legal redress.

    If you have evidence of Pearl’s alleged lies, then post it on your blog. Put up or shut up, as it goes.

    But I still don’t know why you are so concerned about some wannabe celebrity who had (until your posts) apparently done nothing to your detriment and whom hardly anyone knew of until you startrd posting about her.

    Why pick on Pearl alone, of those with the same attributes?

  63. Why is it you lefties get such a kick out of putting the boot into someone like slater.

    If you don’t like what he does on his blog,just piss off and don’t read it. I don’t read his blog.

  64. Hey toad, you can stay in the gutter if that is all you are good for, or get out if you have a brain.

    If I posted that kind of venemous attack on people I disagreed with every day it would make me into a very mean spirited negative whiny person. Is that starting to get a little close to the reality of Toad?

  65. Why does Toad choose to be known by that name with the negative connotations generally associated with it?

  66. Attacks on a D list partygoer who lies! Who cares who she is and who cares if she lies about it? She isn’t stealing our money or defrauding us in any meaningful way.

    Sounds like obsessive/compulsive disorder to me.

  67. Swampy, I before I started blogging I used to comment occasionally on blogs under another name. Someone on Kiwiblog responded calling me a “slimy communist toad”.

    It kind of amused me, so I adopted the name “Toad” as my blog name.

    It also reflects my views that all animals deserve to be treated with respect – not just the cute and cuddly ones.

    And I support Queensland in State of Origin rugby league. Pity about last night’s result, and the thuggery by Waterhouse, BTW.

  68. Why on earth should I tell you what work I do or who for luke? I blog in my personal capacity – it has nothing to do with my employment.

  69. So that is a no to being a Green party staffer or being employed at all by the Green party in any capacity?

  70. Lady Penelope asked: “Is it because she wouldnt sleep with you.”

    If that is the case, we are all in danger of attack from Mr WasteOil (to use another’s clever twistyphrase)

    btw – toads aren’t slimy. Their skin is as dry as that of… a slater, for example.

  71. Luke – who pays your salary? Your name is very biblical – are you paid by the Pope?

  72. Greenfly- I pay my own salary, that is why I can jump online to blogs anytime of the day or night

  73. Greenfly said: “Luke – who pays your salary? Your name is very biblical – are you paid by the Pope?”

    – Dear greenfly, please don’t drink and blog. Unless you want to look like a fool.

  74. The difference between bj and Toad is intellectual honesty (not familiar with Whale oil but have eaten whale meat in Japan at a sushi restuarant)

  75. The Toad is a Greenie?
    The flat earth society vs Reality
    Toad email me a pic of yourself I want to make you famous in cartoon form on the net.
    Cameron Slater is well regarded as is his website.
    Its readership is huge and I have found Camerons posting generally reflective of a huge section of nZ Society, unlike the greens.
    To mount a personal attack on him says more about Toad than Slater. Toad you are a loathsome reptile and I predict your postings on the net will each time be rewarded with a barrage of replies like mine. I figure you will go away or join the standard where no one reads the crap or bothers to comment on it.

  76. Stan – toads are amphibians, not reptiles. Your failure to know that simple fact says a lot about the value of the remainder of your post. You probably also think that a slater is a small, fluffy, kitten-like creature with big eyes and a playful disposition. It’s not. It’s something altogether lacking in cuteness.

  77. Assumption: WO is seriously mentally ill

    Assumption: Seriously mentally ill people are not productive members of society

    Assumption: The unemployed are not productive members of society

    Assumption: It is hypocritical to put down people of a certain group for being members of that group when you are yourself one of them.

    Assumption: WO criticizes unemployed people


    Conclusion: WO is a hypocrite

    Someone tell me which of my assumptions is false. They all seem simple and rock solid to me.

    The argument over the mechanism (private vs public) used to support an unproductive person is irrelevant.

  78. you need you brain surgery you capitalist morons. Your crass liberatarian bullshit is coming to an end.

    This pig system of crapitalism is dying, so wake the fuk up.


  79. Surely when you get down to basics that Whaleoil’s insurance is no different from the beneficiary who used to have a job, paid his taxes, understanding that if he lost his job he would get a benefit. Probably a cheaper and more efficient system than insurance where there are shareholders wanting a cut.

    Pardon my ignorance but I thought toads were mammals like me? Nice to know why he uses that ******** [Cant spell the word I want to use, nom de clune or sumthin]. It sort of sends up those horrible right wing barbarians on Kiwiblog each time he contributes … I will have a little laugh each time I see them.

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