I got it wrong

Hey, sorry everyone. I’ve often been criticised for attacking National, rather than promoting the Greens, so last week I saw a report of a media statement from National’s Minister of Food Safety Kate Wilkinson that looked good.

So I decided to give the Minister some praise.

Alas, I made a mistake. Kate Wilkinson appears to disagree with the decision, but will wait for at least three months after we’re all mass medicated with folic acid before a decision is made to reverse it.

Just not good enough Kate! You are a Minister in a government that purports to act in the interests of those who you represent.

So act in the interests of the people you represent. Even if you need to legislate to get mass medication out of our food, just do it.

Give the non-urgent crap that National has passed under the guise of urgency since they became Government (including the tax cuts that they suddenly decided they couldn’t afford, and then reversed under urgency), this is one issue that genuinely deserves urgency.

Stuff the protocols, just do it Kate!


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