Happy birthday g.blog

g.blog turns 1 today.

In the year we have been around, we have had 466 posts, 1465 comments, generated 631 tags, and had 45,115 visits to the site.

Well done to all those who have contributed. But we’re still far from a top rating political blog, and recently it’s been largely me, stevedore, anarkaytie and Ari who’ve been left to do most of the posting. And we’re all people busily engaged elsewhere, so it’s not surprising g.blog has averaged only 1.28 posts a day over its first year.

What we really need is a few more Green members who are prepared to be active post authors. Even if you can only commit to one post a week, that would be great. Just email stephenday19[at]gmail[dot]com to sign up as an author.

And our very first post that we’re celebrating today – well it was a rather boring one about blog design I’m afraid.


7 thoughts on “Happy birthday g.blog

  1. Really- a whole year? Good spotting toad. Interesting I reckon that other parties have copied the g.blog concept – notably Labour. Persoanlly what I’d really like to see is party members using this as a forum to talk about some of the controversial issues and debates within the party. Fluoride, or recreational drugs or the role of the military …

    …Not that I have done that myself. I might kick something off with a post on religion πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve just gone and had a look back at our first few posts and I’d suggest our actual first birthday was probably July 28 when No Right Turn found us and started driving the public our way. Before then g.blog was not yet born – just gathering authors and defining itself.

    Incidentally – top ten posts of the year – nine of them are toad’s:
    1. Three strikes and you’re garrotted
    2. RIP Halatau Naitoko
    3. Build your own billboard
    4. How many strikes does he get?
    5. ACT – the party of hypocrisy on property
    6. That ridiculous referendum
    7. Eightyfour percent
    8. It’s a family affair
    9. National Monopoly
    10. Whoop whoop! Pull up, Pull up!

  3. I won’t take offense at having my blog post called boring πŸ™‚ Commenters are right to say that this was a start up phase rather than the true birth of the blog.

  4. Certainly no offence intended Suzie. I just took the date of the first published post – which happened to be your admin one about design – as the birth date of the blog.

    Stevedore’s probably right that the birth date was probably really when the first external link was made to it. As I recall, it was a slightly premature birth anyway, thanks to No Right Turn.

  5. What exact;ly is the role of gblog Toad? Is it to take the heat away from Frogblog?

  6. Hey all, I’ve been outta town, then a bit distracted, so I missed this in the day-of-post.

    It’s been fun being part of this project; I’ll admit to being a little slower to fire since the election campaign finished, but I’ll make an attempt to be more ‘regular’ as the winter continues.

    Stork, this was always just a place where those members who wanted to do a bit of talking about issues and events that are of interest to greenies could come. Some of us have policy areas-of-interest (and associated jobs); myself, just an enthusiastic amateur journo with some research interests who posts eclectically when I have time.
    No funny handshakes, no trolls, no bad attitudes, generally.

    Steve – thanks for the inspiration, the invite, and the tolerance as I roam all over the style-sheet in topics πŸ˜‰

    Toad – thanks for all the fun! Keep that GSOH, it’s one of our best assets.

    Ari – amusement, and some posts that challenged my intelligence – what more can an old girl want? Nice being on the g.blog with you.

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