These are your grandfather’s McJobs

Irishbill at The Standard points out that our government’s wonderful new agreement with McDonalds is actually just a continuation of an agreement with the previous government.

So not only is the government so desperate for news that they’re fighting unemployment that they’ll resort to making a big deal of their McJobs program, they’re really so desperate that they’ll spin an old McJobs program as a new one.

Can someone explain to me why between the media and the opposition1 we haven’t had a snap election yet? Because they should be all over this sort of amateurism. Someone pinch me when the publicity charade ends.

1As opposed to the cross-benches, which I think is actually a pretty important distinction.


2 thoughts on “These are your grandfather’s McJobs

  1. Actually, Ari, it was my comment on Irish Bill’s thread at The Standard.

    Anyway, hopefully we’ll know more detail after Parliamentary Oral Question No 10 this afternoon:

    Sue Bradford to the Minister of Social Development and Employment:

    By how much, if anything, is the Government subsidising McDonalds through assistance with recruitment and training of staff as part of Work and Income’s five-year deal with the company?

  2. Was it? That’s what I get for being assiduous with the tipping of the hat, lol. Thanks Toad 😉

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch question time today as I’m studying in the afternoon rather than the morning.

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