Enviroschools under threat

In 2007 John Key delivered this friendly message about the National Party’s commitment to the environment to the inaugural Enviroschools Youth Jam in Rotorua:

How things have changed, now the National Party is in Government. Enviroschools, an initiative of the Green Party, are now under threat, due to Government scrapping their funding. Let’s hear what some of the children and their teachers say:

Let’s all send John Key an email and let him know cutting this valuable environmental education programme is not on.


One thought on “Enviroschools under threat

  1. Great vids, Toad.

    I’ve been amongst a group of younger people for the past 5 years who have been skill-sharing gardening and food-processing to their peers – I know a lot in their 30’s who have few skills in these areas, ‘cos the trip to the supermarket rules; their lives are about the skills they use at work, acquired at uni, disassociated from any natural knowledge.

    In a depression, like the 30’s, NZ survived because people had not lost the skills to grow their own food; whose dimwitted policy directive was this – achieve lower social spending, give tax cuts to the rich & ensure that lenders and monopoly food distributors survive, at the expense of a large chunk of society?

    Get real, donkey, this isn’t a dictatorship, you’ll be rolled as the unemployment compounds.

    No sign of the fancy ‘redundancy relief’ packages from the election trail now, is there?

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