One sick puppy

Great to see the Courts are starting to take animal cruelty issues seriously with the sentence of twelve months imprisonment handed down to Dunedin thug Jeffrey Hurring.

Hurring admitted killing the dog, named Diesel and owned by a friend, by first trying to strangle it using a chain, his hands and his feet.

When the dog did not die after 30 minutes, he poured petrol down its throat, stuffed a pillow-case down its throat and finally hit it on the head with a spade.

The impact broke the dog’s back and jaw, killing it.

But this guy’s got all the hallmarks of someone who will go on to be a serial child abuser, serial spouse basher, or even serial killer.

And what support systems will be in place to assist him to addresss his propensity for violence once he’s done his time?

My pick is none. I fear we haven’t heard the last of Jeffrey Hurring.


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