Dumb and dumber

Currently the most popular story on the Stuff site:

A man briefly lit up a cannabis joint in Parliament before being nabbed by security yesterday.

The man lit the joint in the public gallery about 5.30pm during the second reading of the Resource Management (Climate Protection) Amendment Bill.

He was quickly grabbed by security and removed. There was no indication it was any sort of protest, said Parliamentary Services spokesman Warren Inkster.

Apart from breaking drug laws, the man would have broken Parliamentary codes of conduct surrounding behaviour in the chamber, Mr Inkster said.

Parliament’s premises were also non-smoking.

Even if it were a protest, it was a pretty dumb one.

Mind you, the last guy who got big publicty for lighting up in an enclosed public space ended up becoming a Cabinet Minister.


2 thoughts on “Dumb and dumber

  1. Fixed now Ryan.

    I usually do, but when blogging in a spare moment at work sometimes forget that – and giving it tags, but at least I remembered that one this time.

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