Swine flu, pig farming, and Sir Roger

I’m scared of the swine flu.

As someone who has compromised respiratory functions and an antibiotic allergy (and I am aware that antibiotics don’t kill viruses, such as that which causes swine flu, but they do cure consequent bacterial infections) swine flu could be a death sentence for me.

So who is to blame for putting my health and possibly my life at risk. Well, according to this article in The Guardian, which is one of the few MSM media outlets I have some respect for, it is the factory pig farmers:

North Carolina has the densest pig population in North America, with around twice as many swine mega-factories as any other state. In 1998, North Carolina’s pig population had hit ten million, up from two million just six years before. Yet the number of hog farms was decreasing, with more and more animals being crammed into fewer and fewer farms. Since the primary route of swine flu transmission is thought to be the same as human flu, the increased potential for the spread of disease in such conditions is clear.

More research is urgently needed to explore the potential link between industrialised animal farming, and the spread of disease. Some elements of the Mexican media are already pointing to the potential role of intensive pig farming in Mexico, which has grown substantially in recent years, with some giant operations raising tens of thousands of pigs at a time.

Guess it is the intensive pig farmers who have done this, including the hero of New Zealand’s right, Roger Douglas.

Guess what, Sir Roger, you can’t fight nature, no matter how much money you can make through trying, because it will always come back to bite you on the bum.

2 thoughts on “Swine flu, pig farming, and Sir Roger

  1. I’ve been avoiding eating anything pig-derived since a couple of years ago, when Sue K did some fairly blunt talks on the state of piggeries here.

    It’s also a matter of note that pig organs have been considered for transplant recipients purely because they don’t reject as easily – ie: tissue and blood matches are more common pig-human. Only a matter of time before pig viruses and human viruses decided they could happily recombinate…

    FWIW, I’m pretty scared of any and all ‘flu viruses. And MRSA. And Dr’s who prescribe without checking contra-indications.

    Give me a decent homeopath any day …
    Or a witch coven of herbalists 😉

  2. In response to Anarkaytie, perhaps a herbalist from Sir Roger’s family could help you with your swine flu fears?

    There is a ‘coven’ of herbalists down his family line.

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