Rank indeed, but could have been ranker

I was somewhat surprised last week to read Simon Collins’ report in the NZ Herald last Wednesday where he stated, in relation to the Children’s Commissioner appointment:

Dr Angus, 60, a former top bureaucrat at the Ministry of Social Development, has been given the commissioner’s job for six months after anti-child abuse campaigner Christine Rankin turned down the job because she didn’t want to move to Wellington.

I’d not heard or read anything about Rankin being considered as Children’s Commissioner. Then later in the day I saw Sue Bradford had blogged a little more about this, quoting Rankin the Dominion Post of 12 May.

So I went looking for the hard copy, since Sue had blogged that it wasn’t available on-line. And there it was, Dominion Post, 12 May 2009, Page 3.

Rankin declines new job approach

Former Work and Income boss Christine Rankin has confirmed she was approached for a job as children’s commissioner, despite her public opposition to a smacking law.

Ms Rankin is tipped for a role on the Families Commission when the Government announces its new board this week.

She said yesterday there were a lot of rumours around and she could not comment. “I was talked to about (the children’s commissioner job) but I have not applied for that role.

“I have a really successful business in Auckland that I love and I don’t really want to live in Wellington.”

Now that raises some interesting questions. National didn’t appoint Rankin to the Families Commission upon her application – they were actively seeking roles for her, and appear to have wanted to appoint her Children’s Commissioner. I just can’t understand why, given that she played no small part in the demise of the last National-led Government.

This smells fishy. Just what do National owe Christine Rankin so much for that they were so desperate to find a senior appointment for her?

2 thoughts on “Rank indeed, but could have been ranker

  1. It is no mean task being a part-time player. Rankin said that she would get only $50,000 for her 100 hour committment. Not bad eh?

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