Mt Albert by-election, a win-win?

Well, it’s been an interesting evening, what with the regular updates in every ad break on TV3, so I won’t say all that much, as they seem to have done the coverage well enough without my help!
See Russel’s speech after the results.

There’s a lot more on the TV3 website, too. Go fossicking, after you’ve heard Russ!

Toad, Frog, etc – someone please feel free to add a perspective from ‘on the ground’ of the last few days 😉

I’d like to say congrat’s to David Shearer, he’s now got a long stretch to the next election to bed himself down and put his own stamp on the electorate. His local branch have campaigned well, and I’m sure there’ll be support there for him as he finds his feet as a new MP handling local clinics, a habit ingrained with Kingsland/Morningside/Mt Eden/Mt Albert residents by the previous incumbent!

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