Roger the pig farmer

When the Mike King pig farm visit story broke, Sue Kedgley talked about getting a cross-party delegation of MPs together to go and inspect some of the country’s pig farms.

I’m not sure how she’s going recruiting MPs from other parties, but I’d bet good money that one particular MP won’t be on her delegation.

On September 14 1991 The New Zealand Herald reported that Sunshine Pig Farms Ltd, situated at Old Great South Road, Ramarama, near Drury in South Auckland had gone into receivership the previous day, but that the receiver would continue to trade. Managed by Roger Douglas Associates the property kept 5,000 pigs in stalls. The article goes on to report that earlier in the year the company was fined $5,000 in the Otahuhu District Court and ordered to pay $9,419.79 in costs for spilling 30,000 cubic metres of effluent into the Manukau Harbour and surrounding countryside. The spillage occurred when the largest of a series of oxidation ponds on the farm burst its embankment. When Sir Roger Douglas was questioned about his pig-farming enterprise he is reported as saying: “There is money in it.”

On March 4 1992 the Holmes Programme exposed the horrors of the sow stall in a programme which featured pig-farmer ex-Minister of Finance Roger Douglas, in which criticism was levelled at this former politician for his factory farming activities. Holmes reported that prior to screening the programme he was contacted by the Managing Director of the Pork Marketing Board, Dave Dobson, who reminded him what the Board spends advertising its products on television!

Roger Douglas in charge of a pig farm is like Richard Worth in charge of a beauty pageant – everything’s rooted about it!

8 thoughts on “Roger the pig farmer

  1. Fuck, I was not aware of this. I am an ACT supporter and had a big chat to John Boscawen about pig farming and he is clearly concerned about it.

  2. Yeah, Rebel, I guess that is wht Act have given their MPs a free vote on things other than confidence and supply.

    It’s so animal abusers like Roger don’t taint the party line. John Boscawen can stand up and say he supports animal welfare, while Roger Douglas can sit back and say he dosn’t give a big rats arse as long as

    There is money in it.

    Personally, I prefer a Party like the Greens, whose policies are developed through internal democratic processes and MPs are bound by them unless they state a differentiating position before an election.

    That way you know what you are getting.

    BTW, what did you think about the Act MPs voting to repeal the tax cuts that were part of their policy because they were bound to by the confidence and supply agreement with National.

    I imagine both Roger and John were very unhappy with that.

  3. I think the National party are idiots as tax cuts would help the country and as much as I hate ACT being National’s coalition partner it’s kinda like how SAFE has to compromise by having Mike King as a spokesperson to raise awareness about factory farmed pigs despite the fact that he is still a meat eater.

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  5. Not all ACT members are animal abusers. Stephen Franks was quite sympathetic to a ban on factory farming, though he has now shifted to National. But Heather Roy wrote me a reply to a letter I sent to all MPs in which she made it quite clear that she couldn’t care less. She also started patronising me by lecturing me on the supposed welfare advantages of sow crates, even though I told her I had a PhD in zoology and had published quite extensively on animal welfare.

    Another interesting comment Roy made was that the Pork Board had agreed to phase out sow stalls by 2015. This is false, because the Code of Welfare allows sow stalls to continue for the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, but it also shows her mind set in that she

    1. Knew that the Pork Board actually set the regulations in the Code of Welfare; and;

    2. Did not care.

    So overall, it seems a vote for ACT is a vote fr animal cruelty and control of animal welfare by the animal abusers.

    Not that Labour have been any better. They did not even reply to any of my letters. Peter Dunne showed the most support, followed by some National MPs.

  6. Why do the paranoids gravitate towards Roger Douglas bashing every time?

    Is it because they are going off hearsay instead of doing the work required to get the facts?

    Roger Douglas is not an ‘animal abuser’, but has taken a lot of abuse from the left and the ‘environmentals’.

    If you wan’t to have a moral panic about ‘abuse’ start thinking of who you are bashing and whether it is justified, or an expression of your own ignorance.

    You can tell when people are more paranoid about, than aware of the topic they are discussing, because they take quotes out of context and then have a freakout.

    Sort it out.

  7. Also, just noticed your comments about Roger not being able to beat ‘the natural’, don’t you know his family were pioneering herbalists in NZ?

    If there are people in NZ who thoroughly understand ‘the natural’ it is the Douglas-Andertons.

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