Warming the bench

One minor thing that the Worth scandal underlines is the lack of depth Key and English have to turn to on their bench.  I don’t agree with everything Key and English have done (ok, actually hardly anything) but they have done it pretty competently and relatively in-line with the political platform that they campaigned on.

But you’ve got to wonder about the rest of their team.

Cabinet members come and go, scandals happen (although not normally criminal ones) and it helps to have a few ambitious and talented backbenchers ready to step up when you need them.  Key though doesn’t even seem to have a full quota of ambition and talent in his starting line, let alone his bench. It seems the only members of cabinet that can be trusted to front an issue publicly are from other parties – Turia, Sharples, Dunne and Hide are in front of the public and the media most weeks in their capacity as ministers.  It’s hard to see who Key could turn too to sit in Worth’s seat; maybe Hone Harawira?

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