3 thoughts on “Our new Female Co-leader is

  1. Very economical post, my friend!

    Saw it on news last nite, but didn’t rush to comment anywhere.
    A dignified campaign, two excellent candidates, we are lucky to have such high calibre women to choose from.
    It’ll be awesome to continue to work with both our new Co-leader, and her collegue, both MP’s with great knowledge of their portfolios and their communities.

    Arohanui ki a katoa, e wahine! 🙂

  2. A belated but heartfelt congratulations for Metiria, and I hope her success as co-leader will be an example to the grass-roots and increase involvement and membership of the party.

    Does this make Metiria the first Maori politician to be elected* a party leader, I wonder? Will have to check that sometime.

    *As opposed to getting there as the result of a coup.

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