It’s a family affair

I’ve always maintained that Christine Rankin’s record of mismanagement, extravagance and self-agrandisement when Work and Income Chief Executive should alone have been sufficient for the Government to consider her unsuitable as a Families Commissioner.

But yesterday new revelations emerged in Parliament that cast further doubt on Rankin’s suitability for the appointment. They relate to Rankin’s appearance on the television programme Dancing with the Stars, and her nominated charity, the For the Sake of our Children Trust, that received the money from text messages supporting Rankin on the programme.

Ms Dyson went on to raise Ms Rankin’s appearance on TV One’s Dancing with the Stars programme.

She said Ms Rankin’s chosen charity for donations from viewers was a trust called For the Sake of our Children.

“The people who texted `Christine’ to Dancing with the Stars were donating to an organisation that employed two people and did no research, no service delivery, but only did advocacy,” Ms Dyson said.

“And the two people employed by For the Sake of our Children were Christine Rankin and her son.

Regardless of Christine Rankin’s qualifications to make policy recommendations to support families, it appears she’s pretty good at ensuring she looks after her own.

10 thoughts on “It’s a family affair

  1. Wasnt squillionaire Mr Jon Sax involved in For the Sake of our Children? I could be wrong….

  2. Appears that it was legal – the Trust is registered with the Charities Commission.

    It’s officers are David Sax (presumably related to John Sax), Angus Fletcher, Roger McClay and Muriel Newman. Rankin is a former officer.

    But still not a good look if Rankin and her son were the sole employees.

  3. I think this is covered under the ‘institutional nepotism’ clause in TVNZ’s shadow mission statement, the one that let’s them continue to employ abusive journalists who prey on junior staff, in the manner of media moguls of the mid-20th C, NYC styles.

    Veitch isn’t the only abuser on the staff, and he won’t be the last one who was protected right up until the evidence was incontrovertible.

    The ‘Third Estate’ has always been run by men, for men, and it is even more noticeable in these times:
    av age for senior, mid-career male TV news journo: 40 years;
    av age for female, mid-career TV news journo – 25 years.

    Just watch a few nights running of TV1 news if you think I’m exaggerating.

  4. I think I’d rather not, if you don’t mind.

    (Don’t do telly, for much that reason).

  5. Good for Christine Rankin, getting out there and dancing to raise money to help our kids. That’s commitment for you, and actually getting out there and doing something hands on. Has any of you got any evidence of how much she was paid by the charity? Do you think she got paid any differently because the charity received $500 from DWTS? Would you be as accusing if she had baked cakes for a cake stall to raise money for the charity?
    To put it in contrast, Sue Bradford gets a bill passed that achieves absolutely nothing. Why? Because the people who assault their kids don’t care what the law says, they’re the people who have their hands full just trying to cope and keep their heads above water. The law already covered such assaults, all Bradford’s bill did was remove discretion from the police and judiciary, so in effect the bill was really just saying she has no confidence in the police and judiciary (which at times I agree with, but for different reasons).
    The only way to help stop the cycle is for people who really want to make a difference to get out to these families and give them practical assistance at home, teaching them better ways to cope and promoting healthier values.
    I challenge any of you to walk your talk, go out to a low income neighbourhood and introduce yourself to a family there. Take them some home cooked food, some baby clothes and toys, and give freely of your time and share your wholesome family values with them.
    Otherwise you’re just a bunch of finger pointing gossips.

  6. That’s brilliant greenfly. Has that actually been a headline somewhere?

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