Maori seats in Auckland

I was really confused why the government appears to be putting up such a strong opposition to Māori seats on the yet to be developed Auckland Super Council.  Then I realised maybe it is looking at it the wrong way.  Perhaps Māori need to sell their case to the government like this:

Traditionally conservative parties around the world have favour gerrymandering.  And guaranteed Māori seats can be seen as the classic gerrymander.  Guaranteed Māori seats, based on the electoral roll, would take a large chunk of Māori voters out of the general wards/electorates and concentrate them in just two wards/electorates.  The result would be all those Labour-leaning Māori roll voters would decide just two seats and the presumably National-leaning remainder of the electorate would get to hold sway over all the other seats.

I should clarify that I genuinely support Māori seats for the super city, should it proceed, as a reflection of our Article Three Treaty commitment.  I just can’t see why, from their point of view, right wing politicians aren’t more receptive to the idea as well?

2 thoughts on “Maori seats in Auckland

  1. Stevedore said: I just can’t see why, from their point of view, right wing politicians aren’t more receptive to the idea as well?

    Don’t suppose it would have anything to do with racism would it? Maybe our NACT rulers just don’t trust brown folks to make sensible decisions about their city (cities) -whatever it ends up to be.

    I take some heart that at least three local body Mayors – Len Brown, Bob Harvey, and Andrew Williams – actually fronted on yesterday’s protests, and largely supported the concerns of the protestors.

    John Banks, by contrast, was notably absent.

    Wonder why?

  2. One could avoid this by having an MMP system that corrected for any distortions introduced by the Maori seats.

    Or an adjusted district list system where those on the Maori roll elected members in a Tamaki Makaurau district on a proportional basis.

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