The 1st and 2nd of March

Why would anyone march in protest these days?

Yesterday’s bridge-crossing and today’s march on the heart of Auckland are tangible and stimulating evidence of discontent which flags to the Government that grassroot action is alive and growing in New Zealand. It signals to grassroot New Zealand; those that march and those who are watching, that we are not asleep, nor are we powerless.

Already, the Prime Minister has dismissed the march and the marchers, saying the plans his government have made will not be changed, but statements of denial will serve only to embolden New Zealanders and multiply actions like the bridge crossing and today’s hikoi.

If the march fails to effect change, the marchers succeed. If change does come about, the marchers succeed.

Looks as though the marching season is off to a powerful start!

4 thoughts on “The 1st and 2nd of March

  1. Community action like these two marches can be very inspiring.

    Following twitter updates of people actively involved gave me a sense of the excitement of these events.

    I especially appreciated the march yesterday where thousands crossed the harbor bridge – the photos show people from all walks of life – including children and elderly.

    These kids will be able to say with pride ” I walked across the Auckland harbor bridge in 2009!”

  2. Cheers Mojo.

    I (regrettably) didn’t. Had been enthusiastic about it, but the “adventure” for me as someone who lives in West Auckland and cannot drive, on a Sunday morning when public transport is crap – no trains where I live, and a very meandering and time-consuming bus route, eventually put me off.

    Big ups for those who did go

    I went on the hikoi supporting Maori representation on whatever incarnation of Auckland governance emerges from Rodney Hide’s chucking the Royal Commission’s report in the bin and attempting to impose his own Thatcherite model of Auckland governance.

    Seems there is a “People’s Movement” starting to happen in the Auckland Region.

    It’s great to be part of it!

  3. What a bummer that your Sunday public transport is so crap toad

    Makes me grateful for the great PT service we have in Christchurch with ‘real time’ electronic bus timetables!!

  4. Oh Toad – I’ve been on ‘critical mass’ rides in Welli cbd, a couple of years ago now, & it’s a great feeling to be amongst a mass of people who are bucking the trend for congestion commuting.

    I’ve had to give up as my co-ordination got dodgy, mainly to protect others from the consequence of my failure to control a vehicle (yes, even on a bike you can mess other people up!), but I look back fondly at the various cycle-powered direct actions I’ve been part of over the past 8 years.

    We’re better serviced in Welli for both public transport, and safe cycling lanes: a lot of that results from work pro-cycling councillors Celia Wade-Brown and Paul Bruce have done, to ensure that new policy doesn’t close out existing facilities, and to get debate going, and demand for policy that creates new funding priorities for cycleways and public transport funding.

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