How to kill a blog thread

Interesting times over at Kiwiblog over the last couple of days.

The Melissa Lee hopes for second place thread was running rampant. Natty types were (shock, horror) suggesting that National supporters in Mount Albert should tactically vote for Russel Norman.

By 10.06am yesterday the thread had attracted 95 comments, most of them rubbishing Melissa Lee.

So what does David Farrar do? At 10.19am, he publishes a post about abortion.

And, on cue, all the attention moves to that thread and the “Melissa concedes” one becomes very quiet. Very clever.

I presume Farrar has the voluntary euthanasia post already drafted for the next time Melissa stuffs up.

3 thoughts on “How to kill a blog thread

  1. It’s called”The Penguin Ploy’ toad, and can only be used a limited number of times.

  2. I find it hard to believe he was that worried about making Melissa Lee look bad – he posted that story in the first place when he could have easily said nothing at all. In fact if you read the post carefully (you did read it before commenting on it didn’t you?) the main body of the post quite clearly says that those comments were a mistake.

  3. Or possibly a “how to shoot yourself in the foot” post, lolz.

    DPF is, after all, the media hack who was sacked by Brash for spinning so much on blogs that he didn’t spend enough time actually writing speeches for Brash to use.
    I’ve always suspected some simmering resentment, despite his much-vaunted claims to still ‘having influence’ and ‘being on the payroll’ with the Nat Govt.

    I doubt that he was at all worried about Melissa Lee – it was just a punt at getting a LOT of traffic to Kiwiblog. There’s so much complete rubbish on there, he must be desperate sometimes to get throughput to keep his traffic figures up!

    You all know the old adage, of course – ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ … well, he may just have proved that wrong, by stirring up all the xenophobes and bigots who regularly check-in.

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